What you need to know about International Roadcheck 2020

With the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s International Roadcheck taking place on Sep. 9-11, we’re here to give you some detailed information on what you’ll need to make sure you’re prepared.

According to the CVSA, International Roadcheck is a 72-hour high-volume, high-visibility inspection and enforcement initiative when inspectors throughout North America conduct CMV and driver inspections.

Inspections will be conducted throughout the nation at weigh or inspection stations, designated fixed locations, or as part of roving mobile patrols. 

Throughout the inspection campaign, inspectors will be conducting various levels of inspections. Primarily, however, they will be performing Level I inspections, which require 37 steps.

Level 1 inspections are considered “Full” inspections, meaning that they cover all bases including examination of driver’s licenses, medical examiner’s certificate and skill performance evaluation certificates, among many others according to the FMCSA. It’s also important to remember that hazardous materials/dangerous goods can also be considered part of a Level I inspection.  

It’s also important to note that any violations after a Level I inspection can result in one or more out-of-service orders.

The CVSA also says it will be making sure that inspectors check all driver documents in the driver portion of the inspection. Inspectors will specifically verify the driver’s documents, identify the motor carrier, examine driver’s licenses, check record of duty status, and review periodic inspection reports. 

Before the blitz takes place, you’ll want to do a full inspection of your documents and vehicle, as you would regardless before your shift. Make sure to be thorough, as you do not want to end up out of service

Additionally, depending on weather, personnel, or other factors, the CVSA may also require Level II Walk-around driver/vehicle inspections, Level III driver/credential/administrative inspections, and/or Level V vehicle-only inspections. 

If you’d like a full breakdown of everything that is inspected at each level, you can find it at the FMCSA website right here: bit.ly/3bmUlOI

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