Utech introduces new comprehensive trucking software

Tracking safety, compliance records, pricing, and profits are harder than ever in the trucking industry. As old paper systems continue to be left in the rearview, there’s been an increasing need for a fully-integrated software that can help businesses stay organized.

Utech recently launched Utech TMS, a comprehensive software solution aimed at helping trucking businesses get organized, improve productivity, and increase profits. 

With Utech TMS, businesses can easily manage and access crucial information such as driver credentials, scorecards, driver availability, licenses, and profit margins, among others.

“We come from the trucking industry, with 10-plus years of experience,” said Terry Ivanov, Utech TMS Product Owner, and Operations Manager. “We understand it can be hard to know if you’re making money when you’re jumping from system to system or searching through paper records. That’s why Utech TMS has reporting capabilities that make information easily accessible and readily available for users all in one place.”

“We’ve piloted the program for the last two years and we’re rolling it out to a broader base of existing clients,” said Ivanov. “Utech TMS will drastically improve the future of trucking and logistics operations throughout North America and abroad. We take a lot of pride in leading the way.”

In addition to offering an improved reporting system, Utech TMS provides users with a Safety Module that keeps track of their claims and accidents. Trucking companies can save money and improve their safety scores by automating data entry and introducing new operational tactics.

Operations managers and dispatchers will also benefit from the system’s various features, where they’ll have instant access to data and an auto-populated history for bookings. Additionally, they’ll be able to book premium freight by leveraging tools that calculate routes, rates, profits, and prior pricing for similar routes.

For additional information on Utech TMS, or to request a demo, please visit utechtms.com or give us a call at (888) 228-4460.