UTECH Debuts OneBoard Dispatching Software

At the recent Mid-America Trucking Show, UTECH debuted its OneBoard Dispatching Software. This system was designed to consolidate larger volumes of data to simplify load analysis, with the goal of reducing inefficiencies everywhere.

"In an industry that's flooded with 'me too' software, our team knew we wanted to create something unique and special. There have been too many headaches fleet owners have had to face, but too few solutions that actually solved them," stated Geo Forton, President and CEO at UTECH GLOBAL, LLC.

Mr. Forton continues, “It's taken two years of complex algorithmic coding, 500 tireless beta-test runs by dispatchers, and a US patent to boot, but I'm incredibly proud to present our groundbreaking work in ONEBOARD. This software is a true game changer – an indispensable addition to fleet owners that will really revolutionize the way they go about handling their business. These guys deserve more profits and loads, and this software can deliver just that."

Continue reading to learn just how OneBoard Dispatching Software can help you and your transportation business thrive in this competitive world.

The Software

OneBoard’s subscription-based software is the first-of-its-kind, featuring load board consolidation technology that lets users pick and choose their load priorities all in one place. In addition, the patented email-parsing technology will sort through the countless load offer emails and seamlessly organize them in an “Available Loads” screen on the OneBoard dashboard.

The “hot loads” map allows users to see exactly where "hot" loads are located, so they can plan ahead and have them waiting for their drivers.

Not to mention, OneBoard allows for both internal and external communication through the dashboard’s convenient text, email and phone features. Hands-on software training and dedicated attention from seasoned sales professionals are included. These personalized services are revolutionary, as each transportation business is unique and different.

In an industry that has always been plagued with time and profit inefficiencies, OneBoard Dispatching Software works to help businesses everywhere. By reducing the time and effort required to manage it all, this software will take the hassle out of juggling multiple accounts and emails. Everything will end up organized and neatly arranged where it belongs.

Key Benefits

The top benefits of OneBoard software include:

  1. An increase in efficiencies because of the simplification and consolidation of voluminous data that dispatchers deal with daily.
  2. A tremendous increase in profitability resulting from the ability to take on additional loads. Current users estimate a minimum of three additional loads per week resulting from the use of OneBoard. With an estimated average revenue of $1,600.00 per load, three new loads per week amount to nearly $500,000.00 in incremental annual revenue.
  3. The dispatcher/truck count ratio to dramatically increase, so that users can book more loads in half of time.
  4. Additional revenue, which can be invested in new equipment, facilitating company growth.

Maximize Your Business Today

Innovative software is not UTECH’s only specialty. When it comes down to it, to negate many of the numerous problems that can occur, transportation businesses need to ensure that there is strong communication between drivers and the back office once the ELD mandate has gone into effect.

In respect to the impending ELD mandate, if you need additional help, UTECH is here for you. With our knowledge and expertise, we will ease your fears, so you can continue doing your job efficiently.

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