UTECH partners with TruckPark to help drivers find safe and secure parking

UTECH, a software and development company focused on innovation in the logistics and transportation industry, has partnered with TruckPark⁠, an innovative driver application that allows truck drivers to find and reserve safe and secure parking in real time. 

Using UTECH’s industry-leading GPSTab ELD software, TruckPark will have access to a collection of 10,000 drivers throughout the United States. Accessible on tablets or mobile devices for drivers, GPSTab ELD tracks hours of service for drivers using data from federally mandated electronic logging devices (ELD).

“Our partnership with UTECH helps us to offer secure parking solutions for fleets and carriers,” said Anthony Petitte, TruckPark CEO. “Truckers will have access to the TruckPark app via the ELD platform that they are already using. We’re also working with UTECH on R&D on seamless updates to our technologies.”

According to the American Trucking Association, there are over 3.5 million professional truck drivers in the United States, but only 400,000 viable parking spots for drivers to use. UTECH’s partnership with TruckPark creates a necessary solution, allowing drivers to find parking hassle-free. 

“With the ELD mandate expected to fully kick in this December, it will be essential for fleets and drivers to plan routes better,” said UTECH’s CEO Yuriy Nekrasov. “Parking infrastructure is underdeveloped, and the ability to reserve spaces strategically can give our clients an advantage.” 

GPSTab ELD is one of the most user-friendly and powerful software solutions currently on the market, as it boasts a comprehensive suite of tools and features that are tailored-made to support any fleet operation. With a combination of essential tools including dash cams, truck diagnostics, tailgate GPS light, Asset Tracker, and Dispatch Board, GPSTab ELD is the perfect suite to manage your fleet. 

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