To Track or Not to Track

As the world becomes more technological, one question remains:

Should we actually be using this kind of technology, or will it only create more problems?

This can specifically relate to GPS tracking, which is becoming much more popular, both in life and in the transportation industry. It’s started to reduce operating expenses and save time for drivers. Not to mention the fact that it can optimize resources and reduce downtime, creating easy solutions to make problems a thing of the past.

At the same time, however, GPS tracking has also created various problems in the transportation industry, such as:

● Worker Resentment ● Expenses ● Overdependence

So when it comes down to it, do the problems outweigh the benefits?

To help us determine the answer to whether or not tracking is necessary, we looked at just how GPS technology has impacted our regular lives as well, found down below.


1. Emergency Situations

During an emergency, a GPS tracker can help you out in a variety of scenarios. You would always be able to find the person who is in need of help.

This can especially be important for those who have certain medical conditions similar to Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Those type of conditions erase someone’s memory to the point that it leads to wandering and patients getting lost.

To help combat the problem, one can take advantage of life-saving GPS technology. These devices were specifically intended for memory-loss patients, so the ability to find them is much, much easier.

2. Health

For those who are more health conscious, digital tracking devices could monitor your vital signs and help you manager your health or monitor your medical conditions.

3. Animal Conservation

GPS microchips can be used to monitor endangered species and report data on reproductive habits and health status to help increase their species.

4. Directions

For obvious reasons, this tracking method can help anyone find their way in the world, especially if they are unfamiliar with it. This ability to track directions can also help if you want to record your distance for any particular reason, like if you were to go running.

5. Parenting

If you’re a parent, then it could certainly be a relief to know that you can keep track of your children and know where there or what they’re doing.

6. Security

Not to mention, GPS trackers can help you protect your valuable items, such as your car.


1. Privacy Problems

GPS trackers can easily be taken advantage of and put your privacy at risk. It would be easier for someone to copy your information, which can put important documents at risk.

It could also lead to something as serious as your boss taking advantage of your gps tracker, without you knowing about it.

Right now, more than 36% of workers are being tracked with GPS, and 1 in 10 reported that it was in a negative situation. Many of them weren’t even told by their bosses that they were being tracked, which is even more alarming.

This kind of surveillance is more than capable of taking away your privacy, so it’s important for everyone to be compliant with the law, and proper communication must be had to make sure that no one is compromising privacy in the workforce.

2. Misleading

Though helpful, this technology can also be misleading at times, which can be distressing at times. GPS tracking can’t recognize all obstructions, so sometimes it may miss out on things like mountains or rivers and provide you with problematic coordinates.

3. Wireless Problems

Particular tracking devices will also need to be linked to a signal, such as in cellular phones. If you’re out of range somewhere, you might also be out of luck in those circumstances.

4. Hacking

This kind of tracking technology can also easily be taken advantage of in terms of hacking, which can be quite a scary thought.

Bottom Line

No matter which way you look at it, as technology increases, so will the problems associated with it, as seen in this GPS analysis. By creating proper regulations and creating open communications for all kinds of technology, hopefully we can coexist with it as our world gets more and more dependent on it.

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