The importance of investing in safety for your trucking operation

With cargo theft increasing in some parts of the country throughout the last quarter of 2019, it has become increasingly important to prioritize fleet safety.

In order to do so, carrier higher-ups must place increased emphasis on the importance of safety to their drivers, in addition to providing necessary resources to make sure they can be safe on the road.

With a variety of products now on the market that can help protect your fleet, we’re going to be focusing on two today that can assist fleets of any size to begin to secure their assets.


By providing your fleet with cameras, you can make sure that they’re secure in case of any unforeseen incidents.

Generally speaking, cameras can not only help repel potential thieves but also help find them if they manage to be successful. With the added security that comes with utilizing cameras, fleets can maximize profits by avoiding expensive losses caused by theft.

Additionally, dash cameras have also proved to be an X-factor when it comes to fleet safety. With Dash Cams, carriers can instantly review incidents that involve any of their assets. 

Whether an incident resulted in significant damage to a truck or load, or even in injury to a driver, dash cams protect fleets from potential liabilities. 

Overall, cameras can help save thousands every year, which is valuable when you consider that the cost of an average accident for trucking companies is $91,000.

And with 363,000 crashes and a total cost of $134 billion in 2017, being able to use cameras in order to avoid hefty costs can be well worth it for trucking companies of any size. 


Tracking assets has easily become one of the safest and most secure ways to combat cargo theft.

The fact is, trucking companies can save hundreds of thousands of dollars by mitigating cargo theft. In 2018 alone, the average worth of trailers lost was $142,342 with the total loss between the U.S. and Canada being $13.9 million.

With a tracker attached to a trailer, carriers can track their asset’s location at a moment’s notice. And in the case of potential cargo theft, they can easily locate their assets and find the perpetrators. 

Additionally, there is a myriad of trackers available on the market. Among them, there are box trackers and even discreet tail light trackers. 

Basic box trackers should be strategically placed in a trailer or tractor, while tail light trackers require much less effort as they work and look exactly like tail lights upon installation. 

However, by using either option, companies can maximize their profits by avoiding costly cargo theft cases.

As safety continues to be a primary issue for fleets across the country, it will become increasingly important for carriers to secure their assets. In the end, by investing in security they can ultimately improve their profitability. 

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