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Photoshop Creator Thomas Knoll on Subscription Software and What’s Good for Engineers

It’s been 30 years since software engineer Thomas Knoll, with the help of his movie-industry brother, started creating the technology that would become Photoshop. Knoll, now an Adobe Fellow, answered a few questions this week about the origins of his photo editing software and its more recent evolution. Speaking at a preview of ...
03.21.2017 - 2:42 PM Comments: 0
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Success builds success.

Like any new skill, it takes practice. Don’t give up. You will learn from your experiences how to create tasks that lead to better organization and successful achievement of daily goals. Once you master daily ...
01.24.2017 - 10:58 PM Comments: 0
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Why technology is everything?

It is unwise to underestimate today’s technology innovations. The new era of smart machines and smarter software is taking place and successfully addressing many common business needs. Consider: workers what's ...
01.24.2017 - 8:48 PM Comments: 0

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