Spooky trucker stories to tell on Halloween

There’s nothing better than telling scary stories during Halloween time. It’s always fun to embrace the creepiness of the season by telling stories to scare your friends.

Well, today, we’ve compiled some of our favorite creepy trucker stories from across the internet for you. Enjoy!

The Crying Child

This story can be found on the Occult Museum, which features an abundance of creepy stories for readers to enjoy. This one, in particular, is quite chilling. 

While driving on the road with his friend, an anonymous driver began to hear a screeching sound coming from somewhere near. This caused him to stop at the nearest truck stop to check where it was coming from. 

As he and his friend step out of their truck, they began to hear the sound of a kid, crying.

Thinking that the noise was coming from the restrooms, the pair walk in and find that it’s completely empty. They then decide to walk up to a small window, and as they open it, the crying stops.

As they stand there for a few seconds bewildered, the window shuts on it own and the crying starts up again. They get back in their vehicle and drive a couple of miles to the next stop, where they discover a red and silver metal jammed in the truck. 

Days later, the truckers came to find out that the object that was jammed in his truck was a child’s bicycle.

To read the story in greater detail, you can find it here.

The Abandoned Car

Well-known YouTuber Mr. Nightmare is known for his ability to retell scary stories submitted by his viewers. In this story, he tells a story submitted by an anonymous trucker. 

The trucker was driving through a desert road at night when he spotted a car that was stopped on the side of the road. The truck driver stopped to take a look but noticed that there was nobody in the vehicle.

As he looked around, he spotted an abandoned gas station, so he decides to take a look inside to see if he can find the owner of the vehicle. Once inside, he hears a silent whisper coming from the other room telling him to get out. 

Creeped out, the driver walks out, but almost instantly begins to hear a woman screaming inside the gas station. The driver runs to his truck and calls the police, but then sees the abandoned car turn on and take off into the desert. 

The trucker then decides to go back into the building, where he finds a fresh pool of blood. 

To listen to the story as told by Mr. Nightmare, you can go here

Truck on Fire

For his Deadtime Stories series, YouTuber Graveyard Shift did an episode dedicated to scary truck driver stories. The third story of the video retells an event that happened to a trucker while driving in the Rocky Mountains. 

As he was driving down the snowy mountain, he was passed by a truck going insanely fast. While he watched it go, the driver noticed that the truck’s brakes were on fire. 

Confused and worried, the driver picked up his mic and called out to the other driver, letting him know that his brakes were on fire. 

After some seconds of static, the driver heard a voice whisper, “I know,” as the truck disappeared around a curve. 

The driver didn’t see the truck as he continued on the road and didn’t see any rescue crews either. He also didn’t even hear anyone on the radio mention a crash. 

All he saw once he got to the bottom was a discarded fire extinguisher. 

If you’d like to hear this story along with some cool visuals, you can find the story here.

Let us know what you thought about these stories or if you have any stories of your own in the comments or on social media! Happy Halloween!

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