Sneak Peek: GPSTab’s latest interface update


GPSTab is excited to announce an upcoming interface update, which will feature a plethora of user-friendly changes that will improve the overall app experience for users.

We analyzed all of the data available to us, whether it was suggestions on Google Play or the App Store, as well as additional customer feedback, and used that as a foundation for the changes at hand.

First, one of our biggest upcoming updates will be the availability of portrait mode. The app will now be fully functional on both vertical and horizontal modes, making it easier for users to maneuver through the app.

In addition, the new and improved sleek design aims at simplicity, making it easier for drivers to access all of their necessary data. By cleaning up the menus and screens that are commonly used, users should see improved accessibility throughout the app.

With a simplistic interface and more user-friendly features available on the GPSTab app, we’re looking forward to hearing from you! For additional feedback, you can always contact us at (888) 228-4460 or through email at [email protected].