New driver App

New driver App

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UNIQ TMS is helping freight and logistics companies get paid faster with their new driver-facing app, UNIQ Driver.

Until now, companies were using patch-work apps for document transfers, but they did not directly integrate with industry payment and processing systems. This led to continued delays and the need to manually create invoices and send notifications to vendors.

These communication delays between drivers on the road and their home office can add up to thousands of dollars in lost revenue annually.

In fact, MIT researchers recently told Congress that trucking fleets are losing 40% of their driving hours every day. Outdated modes of communication are one of the many hidden causes of trucking company revenue loss.

The UNIQ Driver App will help you maximize your driver’s time on the road. More driving hours equals more money for everyone.

“Drivers shouldn’t be waiting around, for the next load and dispatchers shouldn’t have to scroll through multiple windows to find an available driver to take a load,” Logistics Technology Advisor Terry Ivanov said. “Our app makes the process happen in minutes, not hours.”

With the UNIQ Driver App, your dispatchers and drivers can get loads scheduled

 and planned efficiently in a fraction of the time. Here’s how:

  • View available hours of service and nearby drivers, then send them a load assignment notification with all the details they need
  • Keep track of detention times with CHECK IN and CHECK OUT updates, helping you accurately plan for upcoming loads
  • Use in-app document scanning to send dispatchers important documents like BOL/POD, receipts, scale tickets, and more to process invoices faster
  • Keep track of past, current, and future orders to plan ahead accordingly

The UNIQ Driver app is a free extension of the UNIQ TMS platform. UNIQ TMS is a user-friendly transportation management system that helps you make better decisions and manage your business in less time. UNIQ TMS allows you to manage everything you need all in one place, including load planning, accounting, safety, maintenance, and driver records with powerful, insightful reporting.

“We believe that technology should make your life easier,” said Terry Ivanov. “That’s why we help you along the way, simplifying the implementation process.”

Here’s what our customers have to say: “We’ve used a few different software apps, but UNIQ TMS has a more global approach,” said Anton of Route One. “The app is easy to navigate and I don’t need to use any other apps on the side because this TMS has it all.”