Merry Christmas to Truckers!

Merry Christmas!

To celebrate you this holiday season, we have compiled 5 different ways that you can decorate your truck this time of the year. Consider one or two to make the most of your vehicle and to get you and nearby passerbys in the festive mood.

1. Place a red bow on your truck’s grill.

For the perfect simple decoration, try placing a big red bown on the front of your truck’s grill. If you don’t feel like dropping money on new decorations, or if you would like to be a little more simplistic, you cannot go wrong with one big bow.

2. Add a wreath to your truck’s grill.

Similar to the idea above, but instead of the big red bow, add a wreath to the front of your truck’s grill. These days, wreaths are made from just about everything, so pick one out that suits you and add it to your truck.

3. Decorate your truck with ribbon or garland.

If you want to start decorating your entire truck, then continue the less flashy method of wrapping your truck in ribbon or garland. Though these decorations are less in your face, they will also get other drivers and pedestrians in the holiday spirit.

4. Place ornaments over your truck.

Or, if you have plenty of extra ornaments around your house, consider adding them to your vehicle. Please keep sure to place them strategically, so that none accidentally get caught up in the wind and blow away or cause damage to another vehicle on the road.

5. Add Christmas lights all over your truck.

This one is a bit more tricky to pull off, but if you can, it’s quite a scene to behold. More ideal for local drivers than cross country, multicolored lights can be used to decorate your truck like you would for your home. This is one sure way to stick out on the road and to wish everyone happy holidays.

Merry Christmas to Truckers Everywhere

At this time of gratitude, we give thanks for you. We value your patronage and appreciate your confidence in us for supporting your transportation needs. No matter what your role is in the trucking industry, we know how hard your job can be. We are proud of you for completing your jobs with diligence and hard-work. With our GPSTab ELD, we will make sure that you and your business are compliant with the new laws. We will do our part to ensure that your job becomes easier. Counting you among our customers is something for which we are especially grateful, as we would not be the thriving company we are without you.

We wish a Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!