How to use the new adverse driving conditions rule on GPSTab

With the new adverse conditions rule now in full effect, we’ve made some adjustments to GPSTab, which will allow drivers to take advantage of the increased flexibility provided by the FMCSA’s latest updates. 

Applying adverse conditions on GPSTab will be relatively simple and will only require short steps. Before we get into how to do it, here are a couple of requirements you’ll need to know beforehand. 

  1. Only drivers are allowed to enable Adverse driving exception in their app
  2. Drivers can enable Adverse driving exception only during active Shift/SSB. (Only after shift has already started)
  3. Drivers can enable Adverse driving exception only ONCE per Shift/SSB.
  4. Adverse driving exception cannot be retrospectively inserted into a driver’s logs. The exception can be activated ONLY for the current day 
  5. Adverse driving exception cannot be edited or removed by a driver or an admin. Except if, A driver or an administrator can indirectly inactivate the exception when editing statuses. In this case, Adverse driving conditions will be removed from the Shift's/SSB's range. 
  6. Enabling Adverse driving exception will add a 2-hour extension to both driving limit and on-duty limit(Shift) 

Now that the ground rules are set, let’s go through how you can apply it in the app.

To use the adverse driving exception, drivers just need to click on the “Adverse Driving” button located under the graph grid. 

Additionally, if a driver tries to apply the exception when there is no active shift, they’ll receive a notification message that says “Adverse driving exception can only be applied during active shift”

Once a driver has clicked on the “Adverse Driving” button, a window will appear which contains an explanation of the exception and gives drivers the ability to add a note.

Upon clicking “Confirm,” the system will add 2 hours to your driving time and your shift. It will also create a driving event titled “Adverse Driving Conditions” and add a mark to the graph grid titled “ADC.”

In addition, the ADC mark and Adverse Driving Conditions event will also be available to see on the admin side. An administrator can also filter logs by Adverse Driving Conditions.

Lastly, once the exception has been applied, drivers will not be able to apply it again on the same day. If a driver tries, however, they’ll receive a notification message that says “Adverse driving exception has been applied already.”