How to scan documents & utilize chat on GPSTab

GPSTab makes communication among drivers and dispatchers easy with its document scanning and chat functions. 

Additionally, users can also take photos on our app to show their location or even certify their time of arrival in case of any detention time. 

Once you’ve entered your admin portal, go to your list of drivers under the map. At the end of each column, you’ll see the “View” section. This will open a page containing details for that specific driver.

By scrolling down on the page, you’ll find the “Chat” and “Paperwork” windows. You’ll also be able to find a record of chats and scanned documents/photos once either function has been used.

You can also download or simply just view images in the “Paperwork” window.

Note: When taking photos to certify your time of arrival or location, our system will automatically add the location, date, and time the photo was taken.