How to manage users and loads on Dispatch Board


“Get to know Dispatch Board” is a series of articles that will span several weeks. Throughout this series, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at every feature that Dispatch Board has to offer.

Welcome to the fifth installment of “Get to Know Dispatch Board,” where we’ll be taking a deeper look at the “Customer Account” and “Users” sections of the software. 

Last week, we broke down Dispatch Board’s “Logistics” section, which you can check out here. With that said, let’s dive into the aforementioned sections. 

Under Company Account, you’ll find the subsection Loads Qualification, which will allow you to qualify your loads based on your specifications. 

You can choose to qualify your loads by location (U.S. & Canada), equipment, pickup times, truck speed, pay, and miles.

Additionally, when you enable the specifications to be used on the Loads tab, the system will use the criteria you set to find the loads that best work for you. So, when you return to the Loads tab, you’ll see that the system has already filtered the search for you.

This makes the process of finding and booking loads easier and more efficient, as it eliminates the time consuming process of sifting through load boards to find what works for you. 

However, if you’d still like to see all available loads, you can simply disable the qualification by returning to the Loads Qualification screen.

Now, let’s break down the Users section. 

With the Users section, you can manage all of the folks involved in your operation. In addition to information such as email, phone number, and names, you can also designate their roles, such as setting them as an Administrator or Dispatcher, for example.

Another critical feature in the Users section is the ability to login to your other load boards, which allows them to integrate with Dispatch Board. This can be found by clicking the gear to edit any given user. Once you’re on the Update User screen, you can click on Load Board Accounts, which will allow you to login to your other load boards.

The load boards currently available for integration are C.H. Robinson, XPO, Power DAT, Doft, and Uber Freight, with more to come in the future.

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