How to find & book loads on Dispatch Board

“Get to know Dispatch Board” is a series of articles that will span several weeks. Throughout this series, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at every feature that Dispatch Board has to offer.

Welcome to the second installment of “Get to know Dispatch Board,” where we’ll be taking a deeper look at the “Loads” section on Dispatch Board.

Finding and booking loads can be a daily hassle, especially when you have access to several load boards. However, Dispatch Board aims to negate that issue, as it provides users with a simple alternative.

Our patent-pending email parsing technology disseminates broker emails containing logistics and load data and allows Dispatch Board users to find the best 10 percent of loads that meet their specifications. You can also get access to 30,000 loads per day on GPSTab’s Dispatch Board! Here’s how you can easily find, book, and manage loads on your GPSTab app:


The “Loads” tab provides users with various specifications, which include preferred pickup/dropoff dates, locations, and equipment types. Using the menu at the top, you can enter your preferences and begin to find the best loads that work for you.

When you find a load that fits your needs, you can simply click on the “reply to customer” button to inquire about the load’s availability. Once you've confirmed the load, you can click on the “book load” button, which will then let you record what the agreed-upon rate was.

Finding and booking loads on Dispatch Board is simple and efficient, but also allows users to integrate with a plethora of their favorite load boards.

Integrated Load Boards

Dispatch Board provides a wide range of additional load board integrations which include loads from DAT, ATS, C.H. Robinson, DOFT, Werner, and many more! There are a total of 25 integrations currently available and more will continue to be added down the line. 

Subsequently, by integrating your favorite load boards to Dispatch Board, you can have everything you need to find and book loads all in one place, making it easier to manage your operation as a whole.

Booked Loads

Once you’ve booked a load, Dispatch Board provides a complete history of loads you’ve booked in the past, allowing you to reference them when necessary. 

The "Booked Loads" section allows users to view every piece of data that was included in the loads they booked such as miles driven, delivery dates, price, and much more. Using this feature, you can keep track of all your necessary information in case it needs to be accessed in the future.

Overall, Dispatch Board’s “Loads” section is simple, intuitive, and provides a user-friendly experience. If you’re interested in getting started you can click here, or contact us at (888) 228-4460 & by email at [email protected].