FreightWaves: GPSTab ELD answers call for greater flexibility

Last week, on Oct. 20, GPSTab was featured on FreightWaves, in an article describing how GPSTab is on the front lines of providing the trucking industry with further flexibility and simplifying operations as a whole.

Our President and CEO Yuriy Nekrasov and VP of Sales Jason Barnes had the opportunity to be interviewed for the article, where they provided a plethora of industry insight and spoke in-depth about the benefits of GPSTab.

GPSTab is a comprehensive solution in the truest sense of the word, as it provides users with a variety of software solutions to meet their every need.

From GPSTab’s load board to its ELD to its various fleet management tools, it provides a wide range of benefits for companies looking to continue growing.

Per the article, “the trucking industry’s challenge has always been to do more with less,” Barnes said. “As competition continues to be fierce for drivers, with pay rate increases of 50-100% or more year over year, the question becomes, how do you efficiently scale your company while still maintaining profitability?

Barnes challenges trucking companies to think simple. Rather than seek multiple solutions, why not just one?

The GPSTab ELD platform incorporates 25 load boards and is growing, reducing the need to use multiple systems. Barnes noted that a single driver manager or dispatcher can operate more efficiently within a single ecosystem. The platform provides the ability to track drivers in real-time and locate holes and gaps in driver scheduling and offers expansive freight visibility through its aggregate load board.”

As our very own Jason Barnes says in the article, trucking companies should consider keeping it simple when it comes to making their operations more efficient.

If a dispatcher can focus on one all-inclusive application, rather than scrolling through multiple, their job will undoubtedly get easier. This allows them to focus their attention on booking quality loads and increasing profits for your business. That is, essentially, what GPSTab is all about: providing simple solutions in the most efficient way possible in an effort to grow your business.

Additionally, GPSTab is also looking to play a key role in filling the technological gap between small and large carriers throughout the trucking industry. 

As our President and CEO Yuriy Nekrasov said in the article, “With its driver scheduler component and ability to book and find freight, in many ways GPSTab ELD provides smaller carriers their first foray into fleet management technology.”

He also estimated that 98 percent of the trucks on the road are owned by companies with 20 trucks or less, meaning that a large percentage of companies can benefit from having an affordable and comprehensive fleet management platform. 

As GPSTab continues to roll out innovative solutions, we’re looking forward to providing companies with the opportunity to grow along with us. Thus far, GPSTab grew over 60 percent between Q2 and Q3, and has accrued over 23,000 active users.

If you’re interested in getting started with GPSTab, you can sign up for a free trial here or contact our sales team at [email protected]