Eight Things to Know About DashCams

Police used to be the only group that could have dashcams in their cars. Dashcams have since become so popular that they are essential pieces of equipment to have in semi-trucks. Now, more than ever, fleet owners need to invest in dashcams. They provide evidence for accidents and insurance claims, record driving distances, and continue working even when a truck is off. Look at the following eight important things to know about dashcams before you buy them.

Location of Installation

Dashcams can’t be installed anywhere in the front of the semi. They must be installed correctly, or insurers and courts don’t have to use its footage as evidence in claims or cases. Some dashcam locations are even illegal because they obstruct the view of the driver. The best place to set up a dashcam is behind the rear-view mirror. Make sure all its wires are away from the windshield.

When a dashcam is mounted on the windshield, it also puts it in direct contact with the sun. Constant sun exposure causes the dashcam’s casing to break down and its electronics not to work.

Dashcam Laws

Dashcams can make you feel protected, and that the law is always on your side. However, there are still rules that must be followed for laws to work in your favor. Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland also have rules about dashcams. If you don’t follow their laws, you may face legal penalties. Dashcams aren’t legal in Portugal and Luxemburg.

In the United States, all passengers riding in a vehicle with a dashcam must be aware that it is there. Dashcam controls can only be used when a vehicle is parked. It is completely against the law to hide dashcam footage from the police.

Uploading Footage

A dashcam is going to record and save many hours of footage. An SD card can be used as external storage that can be you viewed and stored on a personal computer. It does take a long time to look at all the SD footage. Some industrial dashcams like, GPSTab Dashcam, can upload to a cell phone from a SIM card. Fleet owners are then able to upload live to a personal cloud so they can keep an eye on their trucks.

Many dashcams will only record footage if the ignition is turned on. Some dashcams record footage when a vehicle is in the parking mode. During that time, the dashcam uses an internal battery. No matter what type you are using, it will always record and override older footage.

The GPSTab Dashcam will not record over any important footage, like any of accidents. This dashcam uses a G-sensor that catches any direct force. So, if there is an incident, it will never record over that footage.


There is no group that oversees regulating the rules of having a dashcam. However, many US states prohibit dashcams from being mounted on a windshield because it can block a driver's view. If you are a fleet owner or manager, you need to be aware of laws regarding dashcams in each state.


Dashcams are called either Basic or Advanced. Basic dashcam does not have many features, but they do have loop recording and auto start and stop. Advanced dashcams have GPS, speed alerts, driving habit monitoring, lane departure warning, and more. The GPSTab Dashcam on some models will give complete directions to a destination. When it has this feature, the truck doesn’t need a GPS to navigate the driver.

Many dashcams have a motion detection feature, which is helpful if the car is parked. Since most traffic accidents happen at night, make sure your dashcam has a wide dynamic range, (WDR), which means it can record footage and digitally enhance it to make it easier to see.


Imagine that a driver from your fleet gets into an accident. He/she adamantly denies that it is his/her fault. How would you know if he/she was telling the truth? A dashcam is an accurate way to find out the truth of the accident.

Traffic Violations

If a driver is ever pulled over by the police, dashcam footage can be used to show guiltlessness in a traffic violation. If a driver has a driver-facing dash cam and is accused of talking on a phone while driving, dashcam footage can be used to show his/her innocence.

GPSTab Dashcam can record speed. If a police officer pulls a driver over for speeding, GPSTab Dashcam's footage can it be used to prove a driver’s real speed?


Having a dashcam in every truck in your fleet is expensive. Some insurance companies in the United Kingdom even offer up to a 30% discount on insurance if a vehicle has a dashcam. As of now, the US doesn’t offer any discounts for vehicles with a dashcam. Dashcams are becoming more popular. Over time, countries may offer a discount like the UK does. 

Dashcams offer many advantages to a fleet owner or manager. Features like night vision, GPSTab Dashcam, and motion detection will help drivers stay safe. You will also have the proof to dispute any fraudulent accident claims or traffic violations. You can check on your drivers when they are on the road. Although installing an industrial dashcam in your entire fleet is expensive, your sanity may be worth that price.