Benefits of e-logs for trucking companies


While the ELD Mandate was met with almost universal disapproval amongst the trucking community, many have begun to adjust to using electronic logging devices.

As they’ve been incorporated into the trucking industry, ELDs have proven to be assets in more than one way. Such benefits include the improvement of HOS compliance, efficient inspection times, and asset tracking.

With ELDs looking like the system of choice for the foreseeable future, making them an asset for your company could be a beneficial decision down the line. Nevertheless, here’s a breakdown of a few benefits provided by electronic logging devices.

HOS compliance

Simply put, being compliant with hours of service regulations saves you and your company thousands every year. 

For example, during the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s International Roadcheck, nearly 50 percent of drivers placed out of service was due to hours of service violations. Being placed out of service, in addition to receiving a citation, is not very good for business.

Not only do citations need to be paid, but drivers also lose out on time they would have spent on the road, which ultimately affects your company's bottom line.

As companies began to transition from using paper logs and then AOBRD, a lot of commonly known issues were nullified. ELDs make it so the process of logging hours is completely automated, which takes potential human error out of the equation.

Upon its initial passage, the FMCSA reported that violations dropped from 1.19 percent in December 2017 to 0.83 percent in January 2018. Up to the final December 2019 deadline, the percentage of violations hovered around 0.53 percent, with the latest numbers showing that violations were up to 0.68 percent in January 2020.

Even with the slight increase, however, violations are down significantly from where they started in December 2017. As companies begin to readjust to the final mandate, and if the trend is to be believed, then violations should only continue to fall throughout 2020. 

Ultimately, while it may seem inconvenient to use ELDs, they may save companies thousands down the line with violations being less of an issue. 

Shorter inspections

I’m sure nobody likes to be stuck having to complete a DOT inspection and losing time spent on the road. 

Per CCJ, roadside inspections have increasingly become simpler and more efficient for drivers, according to Joe DeLorenzo, director of the FMCSA office of enforcement. 

Using the FMCSA’s electronic Record of Duty Status (eRODs) software, more than 500,000 log transfers have already been accomplished. Additionally, DeLorenzo says that 45-minute inspections are now reduced to about five to 10 minutes. 

Because ELD systems have made the process quicker, it allows drivers to spend less time being inspected and more time on the road. In the end, the less time they spend stopped, the more time they have to make money.

For decades, drivers have had to deal with long inspections, which ultimately set back their arrival times substantially. While many were, and still are, weary of the implementation of ELDs, they can look forward to spending less time with DOT officers. 

Asset Tracking

With cargo theft increasing in some parts of the country throughout the last quarter of 2019, it has become increasingly important to prioritize fleet safety.

ELDs, by virtue of recording locations, serve as a great tool for tracking assets such as loads, drivers, tractors, and trailers. 

Additionally, ELDs such as GPSTab can also integrate with additional safety measures. Because ELDs are not covert devices, they can easily be removed from a vehicle. 

While they do serve an important purpose if not seen by a thief, an additional and more discreet measure can be taken to make sure your assets are safe.

By integrating the application with GPSTab’s Tail Light Trackers, companies can leverage trackers that work and look like a standard tail light. Hidden in plain sight, they provide much-needed security to fleets of any size. 

You can go here to learn more about GPSTab’s Tail Light Trackers. 

GPSTab is a comprehensive software solution that includes asset tracking, an ELD compliance solution, and camera functionalities. In terms of safety precautions, GPSTab has it all in one place. 

Visit to learn more about the benefits of e-logs for truckers.

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