Alternative (and way cooler) ways to use a semi-truck

Semi-trucks are generally used to transport freight across the country. Whether you’re local or an OTR driver, your truck is likely on the road more often than not. But what if I told you that your big rig is capable of so much more?

Today, we’ll be taking a look at alternative (and honestly ridiculous) ways that big rigs can be used.

Jumping semi’s

Watching a semi-truck fly might be one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen. Jumping enormous dirt ramps and going hundreds of feet in the air is often reserved for motorcycles or some cars, but I’m glad someone realized that they can do the same with a big rig. 

The view is majestic. These beasts don’t belong in the sky, yet watching them fly-high is eye-catching. 

Why someone would take the time to do this is beyond me, but I should note that the record for the longest jump in a semi-truck has been broken three different times, twice by the same person.

Greg Godfrey, most notably known for his work on Nitro Circus, originally held the record when he landed a 50-foot jump. The record was then bested by EMC enterprise, who teamed up with Lotus F1 and managed to complete an 83-foot jump. That jump also had an entire trailer attached to it as well. 

Then, Godfrey decided to once again take hold of the record when he completed a whopping 166-foot jump at Evel Knievel Days, which is an extreme sports festival held in Butte, Montana. Godfrey had only intended to land a 140-foot jump, but his overshot was a welcomed surprise. 

Needless to say, watching people jump semi-trucks is easily one of the coolest things you can do with a vehicle meant to transport freight across the country.

Demolition derbies

Demolition derbies on their own are already one of the greatest events ever invented by humankind. Who doesn’t like to watch vehicles crash into each other in a controlled environment?

Well, believe it or not, watching semi-trucks go head to head in a fight to the death is just as satisfying. While the trucks lack the mobility to do a lot of crazy stuff, it doesn’t make the event any less entertaining. 

Since they aren't fast vehicles, it can make their hits look a little anticlimactic, but what they lack in speed, they make up for in power. The sound of every hit is intense, making the demolition derby all the more dramatic.

In the end, the damage that is done is immense. In true demolition derby fashion, the trucks are completely destroyed by the conclusion, which makes the entire thing worth watching. 

Drag Racing 

Okay, it’s Fast and Furious except replace all the cars with semi-trucks. That’s it. That’s the movie. 

I mean, yes, it probably wouldn’t be ideal to watch a truck hit 50 mph after a whole 2 minutes, but the lumbering trucks look hilarious trying to go fast at the very least. 

It just seems so unnatural. The trucks are enormous and their engines don’t even seem like they can handle the initial acceleration. Yet, here I am, in awe of what I just witnessed. 

Honestly, the fact that black smoke comes out of the trucks is indicative of why they probably shouldn’t even try to race each other. Nonetheless, the races themselves are pretty well contested and evenly matched, which provides the drama necessary in drag racing. 

Overall, the entertainment value of big rigs drag racing is a 10/10. It isn’t the most exciting use of a truck that big considering the lack of speed, but it’s worth a watch nonetheless. 

So what do you think about these alternative ways to use semi-trucks? Would you be interested in taking part in any of these activities? Let us know in the comments or on social media!

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