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Top 5 Famous Female Truck Drivers

12.17.2020 - 12:20 PM Comments: 0

While female truckers make up a small percentage of the trucking industry as a whole at 6.6 percent, they still play a crucial role in keeping the industry moving.

In honor of the women who’ve made a major impact in the industry, we’ll be breaking down the top 5 most famous female truck drivers. These women are an inspiration to those in the trucking industry and have done a lot to push the profession forward, clearing the path for women to continue joining the industry. 

5. Kitty Liang

Kitty Liang’s story is one of adventure and creativity, using trucking as an outlet to find inspiration throughout the United States. 

Liang is from Sacramento, California, but was born in China and became a U.S. citizen in 2007. She attended Harvard University, where she earned a Master’s degree in English Creative Writing.

Upon graduating, Liang realized she did not want to be stuck working at an office and also wanted to get to know more of the U.S., where she had recently become a citizen.

With these two factors in mind, becoming a trucker was a no-brainer for Liang. As a truck driver for Schneider, she felt that the training was relaxed and laid back. She also got to enjoy seeing the country while making art on the road.

Kitty always felt welcomed into the trucking industry and wishes to pass that knowledge onto others. The job never felt too hard, and always provides her with a feeling of accomplishment, and she hopes for others to feel the same.

4. Molly Sizer

Molly Sizer is well-known for entering the 2017 Most Beautiful Trucker contest and being a YouTube personality. 

However, she’s also known as a hard worker. Working as a professional frac sand hauler, she drives hundreds of miles hauling up to 50,000 pounds of sand. In a 2019 FreightWaves story, Sizer highlights how much she loves her job. 

“The thing that was the most exciting was that when you go onto these locations and you are working with these other drivers, and everybody is pumped up because there is a lot of money to make – the enthusiasm and high level of emotion is contagious,”

Sizer has thousands of subscribers and gets thousands of views on her YouTube channel, where she shows people the day-to-day grind of being a female in the trucking industry.

3. Sharon She So Fabulous

Sharon She So Fabulous is a YouTube lifestyle star, who is known for her interior decorating and home decor passions in her free time. However, she is also a truck driver, which has been her career for many years.

Sharon comes from a trucking family, as her father also worked in the trucking industry. Early in her life, she knew the ins and outs of the industry, which properly prepared her for her future career.

However, the opportunity would not arise until later in her life, as children and other responsibilities did not allow her to get on the road. 

Her career did not last very long, though, as the cross-country driving took a toll on her life. Nowadays, she’s dedicated to her home decor and lifestyle vlogging.

She’s amassed quite a following as well, with over 90k subscribers and garnering thousands of views in each of her videos. 

2. Nic and Carla

Nic and Carla are a team-driving married couple that vlog their day-to-day lives as truckers. For this list, we'll count them as a 2a and 2b, as they're truly an inseparable pair!

Wanting to set out and try something adventurous, the pair decided to leave their regular lives and head out on the road in an 18-wheeler. 

Accompanied by their dog Nicky (who is voiced by one of the ladies), they live by the motto “live life for a living,” which perfectly encapsulates their vlogs. The pair give viewers a glimpse of what it’s like to work on the road with a partner, which can be valuable to someone who is considering taking the plunge. 

Currently boasting over 29k subscribers on YouTube, their channel is one of the most popular among trucking YouTubers. Their videos not only offer quality information and a glimpse into their lives, but they also offer technical quality. Similar to any other vloggers on YouTube, their camera quality is exquisite and their editing skills are also on full display. 

  1. Jay Rich Live

Jay Rich is a successful trucker who has managed to work her way up from leased driver to owning her own trucking company, all while running her own YouTube channel.

She provides a plethora of industry insight and some behind the scenes footage of what it’s like to be a trucker. In addition to her industry insight, she also has a great sense of humor that makes her content unique.

Her channel has grown exponentially in just a short amount of time, as she currently stands at 22k subscribers, also garnering thousands of views in the process.

From covering topics about home time to making money in the industry to sexism in the industry, her wide array of knowledge on the industry as a successful entrepreneur is useful for anyone looking to make a living in trucking.

She also does frequent live streams where she answers questions and provides valuable insight for her viewers. Overall, her content is worth a watch, and her work ethic, knowledge, and charisma are on full display throughout every video. 

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