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Organization Ideas For Your Cab That Work

08.13.2018 - 7:37 PM Comments: 0

On the road truck drivers often have to get creative, especially when it comes to finding ways to get the most out of the limited space in their cab. Here are some great ideas that are being used by drivers. You may already be using some these already!

When roads get bumpy and you need to keep things safe and secure in your truck, Velcro strips can be your best friend. Industrial strength Hook & Loop Fastening Tape is one excellent example!

Utility hooks are great for hanging up hats, coats, laundry bags, and just about anything else you want to keep up and out of the way.  Hang your hat or your coat within easy reach. Hang art or pictures to spruce up the cab. Use them to hang your trash bag away behind a seat or even inside a cabinet door if you have one.

Ever seen a tool tote? They are amazing and can be used for more than caddying tools. Ink pens, your logbook/elog device, tablets, phones, literally anything you need to keep within reach can be put into a tool tote. Since they were made to take the punishment of tools being put in and taken out, they are really sturdy. They feature water-resistant material, a rotating steel handle, and ten pockets.

Storage containers are a staple of space saving and come in many different sizes. They are also readily available from many different stores. If you’re going to use something like a 3-drawer storage system, be sure to measure the space where you are going to use it. It’s great for maximizing space in a closet. If you need something smaller, consider using individual stacking containers with a drawer. Use the Velcro strips to secure the frames of the containers to the space where you are using them. The links provided are from Amazon where a variety of sizes are available.

Clear plastic refrigerator containers can be used for pantry space. Use some Velcro strips to secure them where you want them and have easy access to fresh fruit, spices, healthy snacks, or anything else you reach for on a regular basis. Having one of these near your bed is a great place to put your phone, glasses, a book, or anything else you would normally have on your nightstand at home. Amazon has a large selection of sizes for these. You can also find them at Walmart.

Depending on how much space you have behind your seats, you may want to consider a car trunk organizer. Tools, cleaning supplies, log books, or whatever you may need close at hand can be kept in this organizer. With dimensions of 23.6 x 14.6 x 12.5 in., you might want two, one behind the driver’s seat and one behind the passenger’s. Colors available are black, red, blue, and cyan (light turquoise).

When it comes to organizing your cab, it’s about saving space. It’s also about saving time. Keeping your cab organized will cut down on the time spent to clean up and restock your items, giving you more time to focus on work or to get some well-deserved rest.

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