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Truckers superstitions

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Generally, superstition is defined as an unfounded, supernatural belief where an event can result to another event without any natural process that took place in between.

Though superstitions are deemed to be irrational, it’s undeniable that such beliefs are still prevalent even in these modern days, and they vary across the globe.

Superstitious beliefs have always been a part of people’s culture. Some of our decisions, whether small or big, are sometimes greatly influenced by superstitions. During special occasions like New Year, one can expect some culture and religion to celebrate some of their superstitious belief. Just like most Filipino households do bizarre practices such as throwing coins in all corners of the room as a way of inviting prosperity.

Truck drivers have one of the most stressful jobs in modern-day America. People might think it’s an easy job, but imagine being on the road for 18 hours, hauling 10 tons of whatever-it-is, without anyone to talk to, but the drone of radio and passing cars? They face harsh weather, crazy people and eerie situations more than any one of us, and that is why some of them are superstitious more than any of us.

Some people already knows the most common ways to steer clear of bad luck — don’t walk under ladders, watch out for black cats, don’t open umbrellas inside — but are you looking for some road-specific ways to ensure that fortune is in your favor today? If so, here are some common superstitions and good-luck charms throughout the transportation industry that some drivers have shared. You can learn from them if you are a superstitious person.

Some of the superstition truckers believe in are as follows:

  • Hold your breath!

Many believe it unlucky to breathe as you drive past a cemetery. Tons of superstitious drivers, whether in the trucking industry or in a regular car, always hold their breath as they pass a graveyard.

  • Talk to “her”

As one trucker suggested, one must always “refer to a truck as ‘she,’ just like a ship.” Talking to a vehicle is a rather common superstitious practice. Motorcycle racer Valentino Rossi is known to take a minute before each race to talk to his bike. Maybe Rossi is on to something — if you want to make sure your rig is going to cooperate as it should, talk to “her” a little bit. And maybe when you go out there on the road with her, she will do exactly as you have spoken.

  • Unlucky Ulysses

Rumor has it that it is bad luck to drive with $50 bills in your pocket. Ever since NASCAR driver Joe Weatherly died in a 1964 race with two of President Grant’s bills in his pocket, tons of superstitious drivers have decided to pull twenties out of the ATM instead.

  • Don’t Cross the Highway

Overdrive reports that some truckers find it to be bad luck to cross the highway when they are stopping for a break — something to consider when driving.

What is one your superstitious? Leave a comment below, we would love to get feedback from everyone around the world!

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