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Happy Easter

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Hi there all you wonderful guys and gals behind the wheels of the ‘big-wheelers’. Firstly, to those of you who will be off the road this weekend spending time with your families, we wish you a great holiday. And to those who will be out on the roads, we thank and salute you for keeping the wheels of the economy turning while everyone else is fishing.

We also have a big favor to ask. As you are aware, this Easter season you are going to be sharing the roads with many thousands of small cars, taxis, buses and motorbikes. The reality is that many of these drivers do not know how to drive. They are not used to long distances and maybe hit out for the open road once or twice a year when they go on holiday. Otherwise, their driving experience is limited to going to work and back or, for many moms, driving to school and back to drop off and pick up the kids.

You truck drivers, however, are out there every day and know the dangers and joy of the open road. Some of the little ‘uns are going to be doing some pretty stupid things. When they do, don’t get the ‘moer-in’ with them. Just tolerate them and help get them through safely.

Be friendly, courteous and polite despite the fact that you are going to get some real moegoes who view you as a hindrance to them getting where they going in the shortest time possible. That’s what makes this period so dangerous.

We appeal to you to take care of the little ‘uns out there. Show them how to share the roads in harmony. Just look after them, please.

We want to wish you a Happy Easter as you continue to work for the Nation. May the Easter Bunny be kind and bring you heaps of eggs – and hopefully some chops and boerewors as well.

We also want to share with some of you that will be on the road this season how you can make your Easter a memorable one by cooking some good stuff on your own while on the road We all know that a hot holiday meal is a special thing, but still may be taken for granted by most Americans. But truck drivers on the road this time of year, a home-cooked meal is often elusive.

We will list out the items you will be needing this period to make an awesome meal this Season while still on your wheels.

Truck Driver Cooking Equipment and Supplies

If you have gotten into the habit of eating on the go and relying on truck stops, gas stations, and fast food, then you are not alone because most of us have all been there before. Not only does this type of eating tank your budget, it can do a number on your health, too. With a little bit of planning and the right tools, you can get cooking on the road, enjoy more energy, and leave more money in your pocket.

1. Portable Stove

By far, one of the most convenient appliances to have on the road is a portable stove. Also called a lunchbox stove, this little appliance heats up to 300 degrees. You can bring leftovers with you, heat up canned foods, or fully cook frozen food. Set it up before you start driving so your meal is ready when it’s time for a break.

2. Microwave

If a portable stove isn’t an option for you, a microwave may be a good second choice. Trucks with power inverters can typically handle microwaves up to 800 watts. Look into smaller options to save space in your truck.

3. Crock Pot

Stay-at-home moms everywhere have raved about slow cookers for years, and now truckers can benefit from their convenience! Certain crock pot models specifically suit truckers’ needs. Look for a model that runs from the cigarette lighter. A regularly-powered slow cooker is an option if you have outlets in your truck. You should also buy one with a cord for the lid. This holds the lid down and hooks it under the handles, keeping food in the slow cooker no matter how you drive. Start a meal in the morning, set it on low, and enjoy it at dinnertime.

4. Electric Skillet

Electric skillets with lids are a great tool to have on the road. Though there are large skillet options available, consider a small one if you’re just cooking for yourself. These devices cook fairly evenly, so you can cook meat, quesadillas, or basically anything you’d cook on a stovetop.

5. Hot Pot

A hot pot is especially helpful for winter trips or trips to chilly locations. It plugs into the cigarette lighter and heats up beverages and liquid-based foods. Although ramen and soup mixes may not be the healthiest options out there, they’re quick, easy, and still better than fast food. If you’re a big coffee drinker, your hot pot can keep you awake with fresh coffee for your entire trip.

6. Freezer/Refrigerator

Combination refrigerators/freezers are a must-have in your truck. They take up very little space and save you from having to stop for cold drinks, fruit, and bottled water. In the freezer section, you can store frozen burritos, frozen veggies, and smoothie packs.

7. Blender

If you have outlet space in your truck, a blender is a must-have. There’s no better way to start the day than with a smoothie. With a freezer, you can even prepackage smoothie ingredients before you leave for your trip and just grab a bag out each morning. To save space, get a single-serve blender with a travel mug. These options blend, twist off the base, and then serve as a travel cup—no extra dishes or cleaning required.

Whichever appliances you decide to keep in your truck, the biggest factor in your success is how much you plan ahead. If you create a rough plan for meals and snacks a few days before your trip, you can make sure you have what you need from the grocery store and pack everything securely. This minimizes the amount of money you need to spend at truck stops, where convenience items are often much more expensive. You can also package things in the most efficient way possible to make the most out of your space. The more you cook on the road, the more tips and tricks you’ll figure out for future trips.

Happy Easter to you all as you enjoy your food along the open road.

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