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5 Ways to Hire a Great Truck Driver

03.9.2018 - 5:58 PM Comments: 0

One of the hardest factors in the transportation industry is hiring great drivers. In fact, the competition is just about downright ruthless. While it’s not as easy as it used to be, it is possible to hire the right drivers for your trucking company.

The key issue is the shortage of truck drivers.

This year, there is an estimated truck driver shortage of nearly 120,000 drivers in the United States. Therefore, you will have to work hard to ensure that the applicants you hire are the right fit for your company. Continue reading for 5 steps to help you achieve that goal, starting today.

1. Have a Current Driver Interview the Potential Driver

First, when interviewing a new candidate, make sure someone from your transportation department is in on the interview. Better yet, select an experienced driver to be a part of the interviewing process.

Your Human Resources Department can determine which individuals are job hoppers and who are lying on their resume or application. However, it is important for your transportation team to actively participate in interviews as well. That extra driving knowledge can greatly reduce your chances of hiring the wrong person for the job.

2. Have a Practical Skills Interview

Next, have a second interview, where the applicant can demonstrate basic skills. Learn if the driver can follow basic directions without issue, such as:

  • Backing up
  • Accelerating smoothly through the gears
  • Hooking up airlines
  • Hooking and unhooking a trailer

3. Run the CSA Driver Profile

As soon as possible, run the potential driver’s CSA profile. While you may already run a motor vehicle report on all drivers, paying for an additional CSA driver’s report can help you further weed out the drivers who have had multiple accidents, tickets, and other issues.

It may cost you a little extra, but it’s more than worth it when looking for the right employees for your transportation business.

4. Provide On-the-Job Evaluations

Once an individual has passed the interviews and tests, provide an evaluation within the first two weeks after training. Have a transportation manager follow the new driver on the road, and don’t tell them in advance.

This allows for you to evaluate their driving skill and adherence to company policy.

5. Provide a 90-Day Review

Within the first three months of employment, have a sit-down talk with the driver and discuss the job. This can be treated as a 90-day review, or as more of an informal meeting to see how the driver likes the job and if they have any comments or concerns.

This does not need to take any longer than 10 to 15 minutes, so that your driver can continue working for the rest of the day.

Do You Need Help Finding the Right Employees?

When it comes down to it, to negate many of the numerous problems that can occur, transportation businesses need to ensure that there is strong communication between drivers and the back office in order to find a successful transportation team.

In respect to the impending ELD mandate, if you need additional help, UTECH is here for you. With our knowledge and expertise, we will ease your fears, so you can continue doing your job efficiently.

We are leading specialists in the trucking industry, to help ensure safety for everyone on the roads. GPSTab has gone through a rigorous certification process, and we guarantee that it will make a great choice as an ELD solution for your business. With the well-known and tested GPSTab platform

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