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Top 5 Famous Female Truck Drivers

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Right now, there are just 5.1% of female drivers in the entire trucking industry. Their work isn’t easy all the time, but there is one common theme that is shared:

They all love their jobs.

Down below are 5 women who have gained popularity from their truck driving careers, real-life advice that they have gathered over the years, and their recommendations for other women who wish to join the trucking industry. Let them inspire you, and maybe you too will gain a dream of becoming a truck driver.

1. Kitty Liang

Kitty Liang is a truck driver from Sacramento, California. Originally from China, she moved to the United States to pursue her passion for art and writing. However, when she got her Master’s degree in English Creative Writing, she knew she did not want to be stuck in an office for the rest of her life.

That, combined with her goal of seeing more of her new home and country, convinced Kitty to become a truck driver. As a truck driver for Schneider, Kitty felt that the training was relaxed and laid-back. Her instructors loved to joke and were easy to work with, and that feeling never went away.

Kitty always felt welcomed into the trucking industry, and wishes to pass that knowledge onto others. The job never felt too hard, and always provides her with a feeling of accomplishment, and she hopes for others to feel the same.

2. Molly Sizer

Molly Sizer became a truck driver because she knew the training was quick and would provide her with a steady paycheck. Now, she truly appreciates her job security, and whole-heartedly enjoys her job. It was never easy, but she loves the hard work. There’s nothing better than driving on the open road, where it feels like flying.

Molly acknowledged gender bias in the trucking industry, especially in the hiring and recruiting processes. Along the way, she learned how to stand her ground in any situation. It is important to note that Molly works for a company who never discriminated against her. Though she works with a lot of men on a daily basis, she has always felt supported and respected from her business.

Despite the discrimination, however, Molly truly wants to raise awareness that being a female in the trucking industry is exciting and rewarding.

3. Sharon She So Fabulous

Sharon She So Fabulous is a youtube lifestyle star, who is known for her interior decorating and home decor passions in her free time. However, she is also a truck driver, which has been her career for more than 4 years now.

Sharon became a truck driver because her father was one as well. She learned about the industry early on in life and knew that she always wanted to be one. Then life and children got in the way, so the opportunity popped up for her later on for her to follow her dreams, which she has since achieved.

Sharon loves her job because it doesn’t feel like work. Starting out right out of trucking school was a different story, however, as cross-country driving took its toll on her life for over a year. Now Sharon sticks to dedicated runs for the New York postal service, which she enjoys immensely.

Sharon wants to share her decorating passions on her Youtube channel, but she also wants to share her life as a truck driver. She wants to show what women endure in the industry, but to also bond with other women and send out positive wishes to everyone who watches her channel.

4. Ahesa - “Sunshine”

Ahesa, otherwise known by her nickname of ‘Sunshine’, is a truck driver with a popular Youtube channel as well. Originally from Detroit, Sunshine owns Highway Divas, a transportation company based out of Arkansas.

Sunshine always wanted to be a truck driver because it always sounded appealing to her. When she started researching the career more thoroughly, that is when she learned more about how lucrative it could be and decided to really pursue her interests.

Sunshine has found so much career success in the trucking industry, despite how it has matured her as well. She has gained her own individual strength and confidence, and has more respect for big truckers everywhere.

Though no one believes that she is a truck driver, Sunshine is still proud of her job, and doesn’t let that affect her positive attitude. Her goal is to educate and inspire other women to join the male-dominated industry, because the rewards are more than worth it. She doesn’t want gender discrimination or trucking stereotypes to turn women away; instead, she hopes for others to follow their dreams as well.

5. Nicole Strickland

Nicole Strickland is a 29-year-old single mom and truck driver. She became a trucker at the age of 19, when she had her son, because she wanted financial stability. Now, Nicole makes $58-70,000 a year and works 50-70 hours per week.

Nicole has experienced gender discrimination personally in the field as well, and admits that it can make the work feel so much harder. She also admits the challenges to working more locally versus over the open road, because it’s harder to balance the responsibilities of being a parent, while also receiving enough rest for her job.

However, Nicole takes her work seriously and enjoys her career. She knows through truck driving that she is able to give her son the life he deserves.

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