How Small Fleets Can Tackle the ELD Mandate Business, News

How Small Fleets Can Tackle the ELD Mandate

12.16.2017 - 11:20 AM Comments: 0

If you are apart of a small fleet in the trucking industry, then are you prepared for the ELD implementation date?

We know that there are unique challenges to smaller carriers and independent fleets, compared to larger fleets, in regard to ELDs. It can cost smaller fleets time and money to research providers, fund startup costs, implement and install these ELDs, and handle the effects of driver resistance. While larger businesses can streamline these problems, we know it can be harder for others.

To help smaller fleets maintain ELD compliance, here is a general outline of how you can accomplish that down below:

ELD Mandate Regulations

First of all, if you are unsure of what you need to have prepared prior to the ELD implementation date, then try taking an ELD Assessment. Learn what you and/or your business needs to accomplish to prevent any violations.

If you are exempt, train your drivers and make sure they know what to do in case they get stopped by a roadside inspection officer. Make sure you have your bases covered, so no one gets cited.

Make it Simple

As a smaller fleet, you don’t need the bells and whistles that many ELDs contain. Your needs are more unique, and don’t require driver behavior reporting, unit mapping, communications, GPS, and so on.

If you decide you need more advanced technology later, than you can do that later, after the implementation date. It can benefit you in the long-run, especially in regard to time, money, and overall confusion.

And if you are truly unsure of where to begin looking, then consider Utech’s ELD, which has gone through a rigorous certification process. We guarantee that it will make a great choice as an automatic onboard recording device for your business. With the well-known and tested GPSTab platform, our edition will provide more functionality to fleets of all sizes, while keep drivers happy.

Don’t Wait, Act Now

Transportation experts are more than aware of the busy rush to buy ELDs right around the implementation date. Save yourself the hassle and prepare yourself now, so that you don’t get in trouble with the FMCSA.

It should be noted that ELD suppliers are starting to refuse giving demos, while others are at 2 to 3 week waiting periods. This doesn’t help your business in terms of providing ample time to train your drivers and staff on how to use them.

You don’t have the time to wait any longer, so don’t. Make the change for you and your transportation business, and ensure compliance for everyone.

You Can Trust Utech

The ELD implementation date is just around the corner. If you are still in need of an ELD, whether as a large or small fleet, then contact UTECH today. With our knowledge and expertise, we will ease your fears, so you can continue doing your job efficiently. As we are leading specialists in the trucking industry, we will work to ensure safety for everyone on the roads.

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