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How Police Can Improve Truck Driver Safety

11.14.2017 - 6:13 PM Comments: 0

Have you ever been driving and seen a driver:

  • Not giving way on a roundabout
  • Not using their turning signal
  • Ignoring traffic lights
  • Driving well under the speed limit
  • Texting and driving
  • Drunk driving

And not done anything about it? Or maybe, it was even you in the example?

These kinds of inconsiderate drivers are a danger to themselves and to everyone else on the road, including truck drivers. Truckers, however, have less time and resources to stop and prevent an accident if an inconsiderate driver is at fault.

To help protect truck driver safety, and everyone else on the road, there may actually be a few different law enforcement techniques to help everyone out. Find out more below.

Texting Drivers

A new device currently being developed is aimed at decreasing distracted driving—introducing the “textalyzer.”

This device would help police figure out of an inconsiderate driver has been texting behind the wheel, and punish accordingly. It’s no surprise that texting and driving can be dangerous to everyone on the road, including truck drivers. The “textalyzer” would cut down on the likelihood of someone making the same mistake again.

In the United States, one in four crashes involves the use of cellphones. By cutting back on this form of distracted driving, the law enforcement could potentially save many lives and vehicles in the future.

Make it Easier to Report Inconsiderate Drivers

One way to improve truck driver safety is by relying on the other drivers on the road. By making it easier and more reliable to report inconsiderate drivers, our law enforcement can work to ensure that the roads are safe.

If drivers feel unsafe from aggressive drivers, they might not think about their options to report the incident to the police.

Now is the time to educate everyone on the roads in regard to what they should do in these instances.

In case you were unaware, there are plenty of apps and tools to help you report dangerous driving, and it isn’t necessary for you to include your identity. If you are a passenger, there are apps that allow you to videotape reckless driving and send it to the police. There are apps that only need you to take a picture of the driver’s license plate and add it to a national database.

By making everyone aware of their options on the road, it will make driving a safer activity for everyone involved, including truck drivers.

Enforce Stricter Policies

There are some states that have stricter punishments to enforce speeding and reckless driving laws. However, if police and other government officials can work to ensure the same laws throughout the country, we might create safer roads for truck drivers and everyone else. For example, in some states, depending on how fast you are speeding can actually place you in jail. Don’t even consider pushing your luck in Colorado, the strictest state for offending motorists. Fines in states around the country can cost you anywhere from $100 to $5,000.

Imagine enforcing similar laws throughout every state.

By enforcing stricter punishments on inconsiderate drivers, we may even begin to see the end of this problem as we know it.

Find Solutions for Truck Drivers Today

Do you have more questions to protect truck drivers and ensure their safety?

Then contact UTECH today.

We are leading specialists in the trucking industry, to help ensure safety for everyone on the roads. Our ELD has gone through a rigorous certification process, and we guarantee that it will make a great choice as an automatic onboard recording device for your business. With the well-known and tested GPSTab platform, our edition will provide more functionality to fleets of all sizes, while keep drivers happy.

We’re also happy to answer any question you might have about ELDs or road safety in general. With our knowledge and expertise, we will ease your fears, so you can continue doing your job efficiently.

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