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6 Top Reasons to Become a Truck Driver

11.10.2017 - 6:27 PM Comments: 0

Do you dream of being on the road? Would you like to transverse the length and breadth of this great country? Have you ever imagined taking in the impressive views at the other end of the nation? Then a career as a truck driver may be just for you.

Being an over the road driver is more than a job, it is a lifestyle, and many people would give anything just to have the freedom to travel and see the world. But, as a professional trucker, you get to travel and someone pays you to do so. Aside from the allure listed above, there are real economic reasons to consider a career in the trucking industry; in this article, we are going to examine some of them:

It is a stable and secure career path to take

The trucking industry has proven over time to be a steady employer with lucrative opportunities; hence, deciding to pursue a career as a trucker is a viable option as a long-term career. The abundant opportunities open to you when you choose this career path means that no matter at what stage in life you are, there is always an option for you. Being a professional trucker, gives you the ability to decide exactly where you’d like to work.

It offers flexibility

As a professional trucker, you are able to decide where you want to work, the type of truck you’ll drive, and in many cases, determine your own work schedule. You can also choose to drive within your home state (Intrastate) or across many states (Interstate). These options give you the ability to balance your home and work life.

Availability of Jobs

Once you have earned your Commercial Driver License (CDL), you’ll find many trucking companies are competing to have you drive for them. This is, in part, due to the national shortfall of capable, qualified, professional truck drivers. In fact, according to the American Trucking Association (ATA), the trucking industry is in dire need of approximately fifty-thousand professional truckers, and they are forecasting it may be even worse by 2024, to around one hundred seventy-four thousand professional drivers needed. Choosing a truck driving career means you have several jobs to choose from.

Above national salary average

The average entry pay is around $43,000 which is well within the starting salary of a graduate job. With the dearth of skilled and qualified truckers, some trucking companies are willing to pay handsome sign-on fees, and other bonuses to entice drivers. You drive in a well-fitted out trucks One advantage of taking on a trucking career is you get to drive latest, sophisticated trucks outfitted with the newest tech. For instance, many trucking companies outfit their fleet interiors nicely to provide comfort for their drivers. You’d find smartphones, video chat techs and other gadgets to ease communication and let you stay in touch with your family. You are part of an exclusive brotherhood Due to the unique nature of this career, most drivers develop camaraderie with their fellow drivers lasting for years. Pursuing a career as a professional trucker means you become part of this network, where every member looks out for the other.
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