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4 Myths About ELDs That Are Nothing More Than Just Myth

10.26.2017 - 6:23 PM Comments: 6

Since the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has come up with the ELD mandate that requires truck operators to install and use electronic logging devices, a great deal of misinformation about these devices has appeared on the internet. This post has been compiled to debunk four of the most common myths surrounding the ELD mandate.

Myth 1: ELDs are Very Expensive

Yes, and no. It is true that there are ELD devices on the market that cost more than $1,000 each. But, they are not the only option. There are numerous other cost-effective alternatives. For instance, UTECH’s GPS Tab ELD costs an affordable $200 each and comes with free subscription thru 2017. Even more, for that price, you are getting not just an electronic logging device, but a suite of powerful tools to manage your fleet. When compared with other operational and maintenance costs involved in trucking, this cost is substantially less significant.

Myth 2: Using an ELD Device is Highly Complicated and Requires Knowledge of Computers

Using an electronic logging device is a pretty straightforward task. All that is required of drivers is to press a few clearly visible and labeled buttons on a screen to select their duty status – on duty, sleeper berth, or off-duty. That’s it! The electronic logbook in the device will record driving hours automatically. The ELD device also alerts the drivers on possible HOS violations and enables them to find a safe place to park before the violation occurs.

Myth 3: ELDs are Unnecessary Financial Burden on Truckers

While it is true that ELDs do cost some money to install and maintain, they offer far more financial benefits. It is estimated that annually, most trucks averagely waste more than $5,000 in fuel due to idling. Similarly, bad driving behaviors, such as hard braking, over-acceleration, etc. routinely contribute to wasted fuel dollars and also affect the life of the equipment. Constant, real-time monitoring enables the fleet managers to keep an eye on bad driving behaviors and address them quickly. The cost savings resulting from this awareness is well beyond the cost of most ELDs.

Myth 4: ELDs Can Shut Down Trucks

Most ELDs are just monitoring devices. Their purpose is to keep record of a variety of events. They do not act upon those events. Hence, they do not shut down the trucks, even if the drivers violate the HOS rules. To be sure, some ELD device manufacturers do incorporate remote shutdown technology in their devices. But, none of the FMCSA compliant ELD devices are mandated to feature remote shutdown technology. So, fleet managers may install devices that do not come with that technology.
Terry hansen 10.27.2017 - 11:07 AM Reply

Does Elds pretty much rotate the hours your awake to drive. Can you stop and take a nap and stop the clock. Say for instance I’m driving and I get a little sleepy can I stop and rest a while and not use up my hours or do I need to continue on tired as I may be but I HAVE to push on because the ELOG has given me that green light and I better use it or loose it.. if so then yah……..NOT SEEING MUCH SAFETY OR COMMEN SENSE IN THAT.

    David Bell 10.27.2017 - 2:10 PM Reply

    The ELD does not rotate the hours you can drive. HOS rules do not change for ELD. What you did legally before ELD, you can do with ELD. ELD does not take the place of common sense. If you’re tired or drowsy then rest or sleep. The ELD is simply a reminder of what you CAN do if you’re physically and mentally able. Be safe and drive straight! We appreciate you!

Roger stokes 10.27.2017 - 11:26 AM Reply

It’s a unlawful ANKLE BRACLET

    David Bell 10.27.2017 - 2:11 PM Reply

    You’re not the first to make this type of statement. We don’t make the laws, just report them. Be safe and drive straight! We appreciate you!

Obi 10.27.2017 - 11:44 AM Reply

You’re very misinformed, the ELDS do not shut down the truck it’s true but most small trucking companies and Owner Operators do not violate the laws and will not run out of compliance. The biggest problem is the HOS because they do not account for Traffoc, weather or loading times. There are different types of traIles out there, A reefer does not run like a step deck or a van. It takes time to tarp a load, it takes time to secure it, it also takes time time to set up a crane and load, or cool vegetables to the proper temperature to load. ThiS is not a one size fits all. The most important fact you are ignoring is that all the ELDS were a former of condition of operation foe unsafe carriers, and the bottom line is ELD mega carriers have the worst safety records and highest crashes. ELDS make their drivers rush because ANY type of delay, traffic weather, eats up their drI’ve time.

    David Bell 10.27.2017 - 2:12 PM Reply

    Obi, you make some very good points, but to say we’re misinformed, I disagree. Statistics reflect a high percentage of small companies receive HOS violations. Granted, it has to be taken within the context of the data. We’re not suggesting all or even most small and medium sized companies are running over their HOS. The data also shows many large company drivers, as you elude are driving over the limit. That may be because of pressure from employers or just the desire to make more money or get out from under the load and on to the next. In any event, ELD will give drivers leverage to push back on their employers and command hire rates due to the traffic, weather and other factors you mentioned that delay the effective driving time. Keep the comments coming! Be safe and drive straight! We appreciate you!

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