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Why You Must Start Using New Technologies to Transform Your Dispatch Operations

10.24.2017 - 6:49 PM Comments: 0

There was a time when dispatchers frequently pulled all-nighters preparing the dispatch plans for the next day, deciding which drivers would take which routes and when. Today, powerful trucking software can assign routes, shipments, packages, and drivers to different trucks in a way that optimizes overall costs to the organization and customer satisfaction. This is just one-way technology has changed the way truckers do business. The extent to which large and growth-oriented truckers are leveraging technology to become more competitive in the industry is incredible. Many businesses are upgrading their systems to incorporate new and superior technology. It has reached a point where technology is no more a differentiating factor, but more of a hygiene factor without which other businesses will get wiped into oblivion.

Cost Savings

The most important technology that the trucking industry has come across is computer technology. Software algorithms can calculate the perfect way to operate trucks and shipments that will minimize the costs and improve efficiency for the trucking companies. They calculate the routes that keep mileage to a minimum, constantly monitor the drivers using GPS technology to ensure that they are following the routes assigned to them, and even select which packages go into which trucks so that the total cost of transportation is minimized. Then there are the trucks themselves. Regular maintenance of trucks is essential for their optimal performance as well as to ensure a long, productive work-life. A plethora of diagnostics tech is available in the market that constantly monitors the various components of the vehicle and alerts management when something is wrong with the vehicle. This helps speedy redressal of the issues before they escalate into major vehicle problems and expenses.

Superior Services

It is now possible to integrate real-time information available from a variety of sources to make real-time decisions relating to dispatching, routing, and more. For instance, it is not only possible to use technology to chart out the best possible routes for deliveries, but also integrate real-time traffic data to find the fastest ways of reaching the destinations. Any deviations by the driver from the charted course will be immediately visible, and attempts can be made to make their path closer to the charted course. In addition to savings in fuel expenses, this allows the truckers to deliver a far superior value and experience to the customers.

Cloud Computing and Business Analytics

Trucking companies have a plethora of sources from which they could generate a tremendous amount of highly useful information. GPS device, ELD device, engine temperature monitoring device, tire pressure monitoring device, vibration monitoring device, video cameras, RFIDs, and so many other devices are routinely used. All of these devices generate so much data that it frequently overwhelms the host and usually just ends up sitting unused, waiting to be analyzed and understood. By leveraging the power of business analytics and cloud computing, trucking companies are able to not only conduct detailed analyses of their activities in real-time but also conduct predictive analyses. This helps them predict future demand and even solves a number of problems before they occur. This is often a powerful competitive advantage as it allows companies to utilize previously untapped capabilities, and revenue sources adding to the bottom line.
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