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5 Most Dangerous Trucking Routes in the US

10.20.2017 - 5:19 PM Comments: 0

Trucks carry all kinds of goods from one place to another, and it is the roads that carry the trucks. But, sometimes, these roads become more of a foe than an ally for truckers. Steep turns, scary gorges, and the lack of roadside facilities for miles make them a real nightmare, especially for the long haul truckers. There are many routes that test even the best truckers, but here are some of the most dangerous among them.


Part of the Interstate Highway Network that was commissioned in 1956, the I-10 is located in Arizona and is the last major highway of the South. It connects two major towns of Santa Monica and Jacksonville.Although the route itself is quite safe, it is the distance of 150 miles between California and Phoenix that is particularly dangerous. There is nothing but endless desert and spiny cactuses on either side of the road. If your vehicle breaks down, you are pretty much on your own. The high-speed limits and the lack of immediate assistance have made I-10 one of the most notorious highways in the country for accidents.

Highway 17

This highway in South Carolina is infamous for the many hidden dangers it harbors. It is a deadly beauty. Highway 17 is also known for the beautiful trees and other flora alongside it. But, don’t be fooled by its beauty. There are many blind turns, sharp curves, narrow stretches, and wild animals on this route that make it one deadly trip.Rookie drivers regularly meet fatal accidents on this stretch.

Dalton Highway

This list would not be complete without the unforgiving route from the icy cold state of Alaska. The 400-mile Dalton Highway is an extreme route that crosses the Tundras, Yukon River, and is covered with snow during the winters. What makes it even more dangerous is the fact that there is a good 250 mile stretch that does not have any kind of human settlements. No restaurants, no gas stations, and no roadside assistance.

Highway 2

This route is located in Montana, which already has the dubious distinction of being the most unsafe state for drivers. Add to it a highway that is so remote that even an ambulance cannot reach you within an hour. Highway 2 in Montana runs across a mountainous road and allows a speed limit of 70mph. The sharp turns can make even the most experienced drivers break into sweat.

Million Dollar Highway

This highway has a snazzy name, but an equally fearsome reputation. When you are on this highway, you will be crossing mountain passes at altitudes of 10,000 feet. There are numerous hairpin curves, steep elevations, and strong winds ready to knock you down. The legend says that the highway gets its name from its reputation. Apparently, a traveler once quipped that she would drive this route again only if someone paid her a million dollars.
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