4 Ways in Which TMS Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

09.5.2017 - 4:00 PM Comments: 0

Trucking businesses are getting smarter by the day. They are able to leverage technology to automate their operations, increase their profits, and generally offer better services to their customers. In other words, trucking businesses are using the benefits offered by technology like trucking management software to create competitive advantage for themselves in an industry that is increasingly getting commoditized. Here are some ways in which a robust trucking management software (TMS) can transform your business, give you an edge over your competitors, and take your business to the next level.

Recognize and Eliminate Inefficiencies

A good TMS system comes loaded with powerful analytics capabilities. It is able to generate insightful reports that give you highly useful information that was previously not available to you. It can tell you where fuel is being wasted; it can generate reports that show you how driver idle time during work hours is increasing your costs; it can even suggest to you optimal routing and dispatching to minimize your overall costs as well as delivery times. Once you are able to discover these inefficiencies, you can then take steps to eliminate them and add significantly to your bottom line.

On-Time Maintenance and Documentation

Your business is largely dependent on the equipment you are using. The equipment comes with a variety of liabilities like insurances, regular maintenance requirements, and so on. When you are managing all of this on paper the traditional way, you are bound to forget or miss a few deadlines. The effect of this can be something harmless like an unusual noise coming out of the equipment, or something devastating as telling your customer that your delivery will be late by a few days because your vehicle suffered a major breakdown.

Similarly, an expired insurance can land you in all sorts of legal troubles. A good TMS system will keep track of all major maintenance requirements, insurance renewal deadlines, documentations, and so on, which will help you to operate your business with minimum disruption. This allows you to provide a superior service to your customers. Happy customers mean more business.

Improve Productivity

TMS systems help your business get done more work in less time. With suitable add-ons like GPS, EDLs, and so on, you can keep track of your personnel during their work-time to ensure that they are actually working. This also increases their accountability. Research has shown that introduction of GPS drastically reduces accidents as well. Even insurance companies love such systems because of their ability to reduce accidents, and offer lower premiums. This way, you get a double bonanza of improved productivity and reduced insurance costs.

Next-Generation Services

A powerful TMS system allows business to offer truly next-gen services to their customers. For instance, customers will be able to track their package’s location and the estimated time of delivery, so that they can make suitable arrangements to be present at the shipping address when the delivery is made.

In another case, an advanced TMS system can communicate with nationwide trucking businesses to calculate the most cost-effective route for customers. When customers get the best price and a reliable service, they are bound to stay with you.

With a TMS system, you can generate and send quotes, invoices, and more to customers with a click of a button. Customers in this business make up their decisions in less than 5 minutes. If you are able to send them quotes instantly upon their request, then it will leave an amazing first impression on them. The quicker the prospects get quotations from you, the better are the chances that they will convert into paying customers. TMS systems enable you become flexible, agile, and more responsive to customer needs. In other words, a TMS system helps you delight your customers, in a variety of ways.

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