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Is this a rhetoric or probing question? - well, you will find it yourself at the end of the article. But first, we must tell you that it is in correlation to accidents happening between cars and trucks. The common stereotype is that the Truck is solely responsible for the accident. The trucking industry has been carrying this guilt and blame for decades and is being wrongly accused every time accident happens.

But now thankfully things have changed for them, according to the recent findings of the report of American Trucking Associations (ATA) that 80 percent of accidents between Cars and trucks are actually caused by cars, yes, you might not believe it but it’s the fact. The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute — a responsible examiner in truck-related crash research, says ATA — studied 8,309 fatal car-truck crashes to determine fault. 81 percent of the time, car drivers were in charge of fault, says the study, as compared to 27 percent for truck drivers.

The Nature of Driver Errors in Car-Truck Crashes

The LTCCS leader in trucking safety research (Starnes, 2006; Craft, 2008) and few other crash investigations have produced extensive data on factors in car-truck crashes.

The following are the comparisons of the Drivers error during a crash:

Comparisons of the Drivers error during a crash utech news

And some of the environmental factors that contributed to Truck-car crash:

The LTCCS also find that there are several environmental factors that are not directly linked to the Car-truck crash but indirectly contribute and increase the chance of a fatal accident. Below are percentages for selected “associated factors” in LTCCS car-truck crashes:

Percentages LTCCS car-truck crashes utech news

As some of you may already know that from December 2017 a rule called Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Rule will be in effect. According to this rule, there are some new regulations will be introduced like ELD’s must be certified and registered to FMCSA to increase the performance standards. If you want to know more about these rules visit our new regulations article

This is where we come in, at UTECH we will provide you with registered ELD called GPS-Tab ELD Editions which are in compliant with federal motor carrier safety regulations. The ELD’s works fast and effective which are tested on well known platforms. This device is connected with an app available for both android and iOS. Some of the feature you will find helpful like historical route data, historical reporting, vehicle diagnostic, location sharing, paper scan and more. We also develop highly efficient and fully customizable collection of software tools which are easy to use. With our TMS System you can manage your business more easily and efficiently than ever. You can manage all your vehicles, drivers and customers in one place. Our system provides smarter solutions with which your trucking is made easier and your safety is increased. Our goal is to make your business well- organized and profitable and our vision is to provide you with premier tools, so you can keep providing your valuable services to people.
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