Sun Shines Down On a South Dakota [Wheel Jam Truck Show] Morning

Whenever you read about South Dakota or hear someone talk about the city of Huron, the first thing communicated is going to be either fishing or hunting. Home to premier hunting festivals and competitions, South Dakota is known for its beautiful scenes of nature and its small town feel. But South Dakota to us is all about ...
06.16.2017 - 5:02 PM Comments: 0
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Truck rules and regulations News

2017 – Year of Controversial Transportation Regulations

As we are finally past the first month of the New Year, it should be noted that 2017 could impact the transportation industry through new rules and regulations. January was a month full of chaotic legislation, however, making it unpredictable how these transportation regulations will play out. Truck Writers reports that the ...
06.13.2017 - 4:58 PM Comments: 0
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Utech corp visited MATS News

MATS 2017 – UTECH Visits Kentucky for “Largest Trucking Event in World”

As spring starts to rear hits’ head, everyone is excited to embrace the warmer weather, to see the flowers blooming, and to cheer on their beloved Cardinals or Wildcats college basketball team… well, maybe if you live in Louisville, KY. When most people think of large events in Louisville during the months of March-May, you ...
04.5.2017 - 4:23 PM Comments: 0
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truck driver utech corp News

US truck driver ranks expand! Enough or not enough…

Whether or not trucking hit a bottom in volume or pricing in the summer of 2016, the industry certainly seemed to bounce back in terms of trucking employment. Since hitting a low point in June, motor carriers added 15,600 employees through November, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ latest data shows. In November, trucking ...
02.6.2017 - 3:16 PM Comments: 0
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grow hight News
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Success builds success.

Like any new skill, it takes practice. Don’t give up. You will learn from your experiences how to create tasks that lead to better organization and successful achievement of daily goals. Once you master daily ...
01.24.2017 - 10:58 PM Comments: 0
robot handshake News
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Why technology is everything?

It is unwise to underestimate today’s technology innovations. The new era of smart machines and smarter software is taking place and successfully addressing many common business needs. Consider: workers what's ...
01.24.2017 - 8:48 PM Comments: 0

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