Utech TMS provides full transportation's operations needs from A to Z. You can smarter manage all your drivers, tractors, trailers, customers, vendors, users and others in one safe place.

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Smart Data Organizing

Utech TMS product has ability to add comment updates for fleet units, upload pictures and data files such as: rate confirmations, POD, inspections, receipts, driver license, payment settlement and other. Utech TMS will notify you about driver license expirations, medicals cards, inspections and other with 30 days.

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New way to truck all your drivers & equipment information. Utech TMS provide smarter solution to organize claims. You will be able see all updates for new and existing claims with all supported document and files in one place.

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Full & LTL Loads

Utech TMS is ready to work with Full & LTL shipment. You able to connected couple LTL in one shipment and pay separate for each driver’s moves. You can do one order with multiple drivers. System supports singles & team drivers.

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Google Maps

We believe in technology and innovations. We think that Google Maps is most powerful and interface friendly maps provider on market.

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Text Messages

Utech TMS provides solution to send text messages directly from software without using any third party solutions. So when you add load to the system you can dispatch your driver from there right away.

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Reports & Settlements

Utech TMS provide simple to understand reports by driver, track number, dispatcher & all dispatchers. Utech will also calculate how much money you should pay for you drivers ($/mile (loaded miles or all miles); % from gross or flat rate) and you can also export all reports to PDF.

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We integrated Utech with QuickBooks. So this way you can transfer all your available loads for invoicing with one click with our special toll. QuickBooks will create all invoices automatically for you and recorder invoices number to UTECH order. System has an option to send your customers and vendors information to QuickBooks as well as updated existing information. This way we separated operation with accounting. All your operations and management will be done by Utech TMS and all accounting by QuickBooks.

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