GPS Tab Is The Solution

- Utech's GPS Tab helps you to know the location of all drivers
- Allowing for more efficient dispatching, reducing downtimes
- Offering a powerful advantage over your competitors

GPS Tab, helping you keep tabs on the people that are important to you

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Perfect app that makes your everyday job easier

Download the app, simply login with your phone number, ready to go.
satellite tracking

Simplified real time location and communication

flexible trucking intervals
Tracking Intervals

Choose flexible trucking intervals from 1 minute till 1 hour

update your load status
Status Updates

Ability to update your load status, empty/loaded.

access shipment location in real time
Customer updates

Allow customer to access shipment location in real time


GPS Tab features

Thru the use of Global Positioning System technology, GPS Tab allows quick and efficient tracking and monitoring of drivers / equipment in real time. GPS Tab also maintains route data and offers comprehensive reporting capabilities to help import driver safety and compliance.

Start Tracking

Easy download of Android or IOS apps on your smartphones or tablets


Simple single button operation to indicate that you’re empty and ready for the next load


Easy single button operation to indicate that you’re loaded and on your way

Satellite tracking

Allows efficcient tracking and monitoring of your drivers / loads and improves customer service by giving your customers online real time tracking capabilities

efficcient tracking and monitoring of your drivers
Perfect app that makes your everyday job easier

Android/IOS app on SMARTphone OR tablet

Install in minutes. All done online. Start today and get to the next level with your business.

safety and compliance

Monitor your equipment and employees. Lower your insurance premiums and improve your safety scores.

Stay in touch with all your mobile Employees

GPS Tab is also a valuable tool in helping to manage field sales staff or any employees who travel on behalf of your organization

GPS Tab Technology

Allows you to share load and driver location with customers fewer phone calls in and out. The best advantage is achieving higher level of customer satisfaction. The ability share load and location with your customers help to reduce trucking related phone calls or emails. The best advantage is achieving higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Stay connected with your fleet

Anything with wheels - cars,trucks or drivers. Increase your Bottom line with improved efficiency, communication, with more revenue.

Satellite tracking in conjunction with cellular technology

Eliminates losing site of the driver and load. Better understanding of your fleet gives you more power over your fleet and how it is being used. An effective tracking system will will increase your bottom line. Innovative technology ensures up to to the minute tracking capabilities offering greater peace of mind.

How are you managing and monitoring your fleet today?

Monitoring your assets will have a positive impact on your reporting process, achieving better service records-idle time, mileage to name a few. The more you know about your assets the more valuable they become. Lower your fuel and maintenance cost. More effective drive time. Helps improve on time deliveries.


GPS tab can be your silent business partner without breaking the bank… It was designed to be user friendly with your business future in mind. GPS tab tracking system allows your fleet manager, and your dispatch department to have useful accurate data 24/7. GPS tab is your most cost effective solution to keep track of your rolling equipment.

  • No setup fee
  • No contract
  • No commitments
  • No extra device
  • No training required
  • No professional installation
  • Simple: Register, Download and Track

Our Subscription

$ 10.00
per unit monthly

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