VW’s Electric Microbus to Become a Reality in 5 Years

Volkswagen Microbus was the staple of American hippie culture and a decent alternative to for RVs for surfer dudes throughout the 70s and 80s. Now, Volkswagen is reviving it, and it is doing it in style. The new avatar of the microbus is going to be an all-electric vehicle, with a massive powerhouse under the hood that will produce an incredible 347 horsepower. 0 to 100kmph boost takes just 5 seconds. That’s impressive, especially considering that most gas guzzlers don’t even come close to that number.

The reincarnation of the microbus comes at a time when Elon Musk’s Tesla electric cars are making inroads into the entry-level price segments. Clearly, Volkswagen has realized that electric vehicles are the future. But, it wasn’t the company’s foresightedness alone that is making the microbus happen. Earlier this year, the company had showcased its concept design for the electric microbus at Detroit motor show. But, it was just that – a concept design. Volkswagen had clarified that the vehicle would never be put into production. In the aftermath of the show, the company received a barrage of mails from the fans of the microbus to revive it. Eventually, car manufacturer budged. Volkswagen has now promised that the first of them will appear at American dealerships by 2022. This blast from the past does not yet have an official name. The maker calls it only by the name of I.D. Buzz. Although the I.D. Buzz is, in essence, a 21-st century revival of the microbus, it will be a major enhancement of the original design. For instance, the front of the new I.D. Buzz will not be as flat as the original and will have a slightly elongated face. This is made necessary because of all the large and heavy batteries that will be installed under the floor of the microbus. Two powerful electric motors will supply an absurdly large amount of power to the wheels of this all-wheel-drive car. The result? A top speed of 160kmph, which is great considering that it is an electric car. All of these design modifications have added and cleared up a lot of interior space in the car. A good 8 people can sit comfortably in the car, depending on your choice of the model. What’s more, the vehicle will come with external cameras that will supply images to the driver on the e-Mirror screen. I.D. Buzz is part of Volkswagen’s 2025 policy vision, wherein it plans to introduce 30 all-electric cars by the year 2015. The carmaker is in the middle of a major makeover of its image and trustworthiness among its customers after its diesel emission scandal. From the looks of it, the microbus revival will definitely help it win over the trust of its customers back, and establish itself as a key player in North America and Europe.