UTECH Inc. Celebrates ELD Approval

GPS tab ELD edition by Utech

Chicago, IL: Today, UTECH Inc., a custom software development company specializing in serving the transportation community, announced that they have successfully gained ELD approval by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). After several months of waiting, UTECH’s GPSTab - ELD Edition product is now certified to meet federally required ELD specifications. Thus, the company can now be found on the list of current certified ELD providers on the FMCSA website.

This is a big achievement for UTECH Inc., as it can take a long period of time to ensure that company’s ELD product and software package has met government regulations.  In doing so, UTECH Inc., surpasses several big players in the industry, including Fleetmatics and Qualcomm.

This was a necessary commitment, as the new ELD mandate is going into effect later this year on December 18, 2017 and fleets need time to evaluate, get comfortable with, and implement devices into their operation.  The FMCSA rule requires most truck drivers to use an electronic logging device, as a proper method of keeping records for duty status. This was also set in place as a safety precaution, to protect drivers from carriers using the devices to harass them. To help achieve this mandate, FMCSA is registering ELD companies on their website, ensuring consistency amongst manufacturers and devices.

About UTECH Inc.: UTECH Inc. is a programming company based in Chicago, IL, and Long Beach, CA. Committed to providing products and services to the transportation and field services industries, Utech strives to improve the operational and financial performance of their customers, everywhere.