Upcoming Trucking Events in 2018

Attending trucking shows and conferences provide excellent opportunities for professionals to get out there, meet others, and learn about the latest information in the industry. As the trucking industry can be so busy to work in, these events provide an informative, yet fun time for those who attend.

Here is a list of the top trucking events taking place this year:

NIT League Transportation Summit

The NIT League Transportation Summit is January 29-31 in Dallas, Texas. All kinds of professionals attend this fair to create direct contact with carriers and suppliers in this transportation industry. It is a great opportunity to make new business contacts and talk with colleagues.

Mid-America Trucking Show

The Mid-America Trucking Show is March 22-24 in Louisville, Kentucky. This is the largest annual heavy-duty trucking event in the world. Each year, those who attend can explore the newest products and services, as well as attend seminars and smaller events. Trucking professionals from all over will attend this show.

Truckload Carriers Association 80th Annual Convention

The TCA’s 80th Annual Convention is March 25-28 in Kissimmee, Florida. This trucking event provides a great opportunity for suppliers to meet the trucking industry’s top decision-makers, and make important business contacts.

NAFA 2018 Institute & Expo

The NAFA 2018 Institute & Expo is April 24-27 in Anaheim, California. This is the fleet management industry’s largest event in the world. Those who attend can network with fleet professionals, see the latest products, receiving new training, and hear from prominent speakers.

Heavy Duty Truck Exchange

The Heavy Duty Trucking Exchange is May 9-11 in Scottsdale, Arizona. The event is put on by Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine, a leader in truck fleet and equipment management. Attendees can listen to the top innovators in the Class 8 market and top suppliers. Participants have a chance to meet new business contacts, attend discussions, and network with other professionals.

Truckers Jamboree

The Truckers Jamboree is July 12-14 in Walcott, Iowa. This event specifically celebrates America’s Truckers. It is a place to celebrate those who serve us and learn more about trucking. Attendees can enjoy carnival fun, fireworks, and so much more.

Great American Trucking Show

The Great American Trucking Show is August 23-25 in Dallas, Texas. This convention hosts truck, trailer, engine, component, and parts manufacturers, as well as many other trucking professionals. Attend informational exhibits and explore the latest industry-relevant products.

IANA Intermodal Expo

The IANA Intermodal Expo is September 16-18 in Long Beach, California. This fair is ideal for professionals from all over to meet and exchange ideas, as well as explore the latest products on the market. It is another great opportunity to make new business contacts and talk with colleagues.

Women in Trucking Conference & Expo

The Women in Trucking Conference & Expo is November 12-14 in Dallas, Texas. This event, sponsored by the Women in Trucking Association, is put on to demonstrate how gender diversity can positively impact the success of the trucking industry. Attend informative sessions, meet diverse peers, and find business solutions.

Are You Attending One of These Events?

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