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The benefits of ELDs that require no professional installation

04.22.2021 - 11:30 AM Comments: 0

Installation for electronic logging devices can be a hassle, depending on the situation. Some providers may require you to drive your truck to a designated location, while others can simply be installed by drivers themselves.

When looking for an ELD that works for you, the kind of installation necessary to get started can be an important factor, as you could be back on the road in minutes or have to take a day off to drive somewhere and get the hardware installed. 

Here are some of the benefits of having an ELD that requires no professional installation. 

Install in minutes

As you well know, profits in the trucking industry are produced by having trucks on the road, delivering freight on time. There’s little-to-no time to waste, as every second spent needlessly off the road can affect your bottom line. 

By having a “plug-and-play” ELD that requires no professional installation, drivers will be able to install their own devices in minutes. Many drivers already possess a do-it-myself mentality, which only makes the process that much easier for them. 

Time saver

That brings us to our next point—-being able to install an ELD quickly is a massive time saver. Picture this: you’re looking to switch providers but your trucks are scattered around the country. Are you going to wait for all of them to return and schedule their installation appointments? 

Or would you rather hand them their new ELD when they return, and allow them to install it in minutes? One option can cost you a day's worth of profits, while the other can get your trucks back on the road in no time. 

Easily replaced

Even in 2021, technology can have its issues. Just like any other tech, ELDs can fall victim to malfunctions and glitches, sometimes rendering them inoperable. 

In cases such as these, the device must be replaced and shipped to you as soon as possible. According to the FMCSA, drivers can continue logging hours on paper for up to 8 days after receiving a malfunction letter from their provider. After that period, however, you can be fined or even placed out of service.

Because of this, drivers must be able to replace their hardware quickly. When an ELD is “plug-and-play,” it can be replaced with ease, without the hassle of having to find a location and getting it installed.  

As the premier provider of a highly-rated ELD that offers around-the-clock customer support and plug-and-play devices, we’d like to recommend our solution.

GPSTab is a comprehensive solution that’s simple to use, has no contract, and offers stellar customer service. GPSTab is dedicated to providing simple, easy-to-use solutions for drivers and backend management with clear, uncomplicated reporting and tracking, designed by leaders who grew up in the trucking industry and know what drivers need

Schedule a consultation with our sales staff today to learn more about how GPSTab can benefit your trucking business. 

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