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Who can use e-log functions on GPSTab?

02.25.2021 - 1:08 PM Comments: 0

Utilizing the e-log functionality can be an effective way of tracking hours of service for those who are exempt from the ELD mandate

As you may know, e-logs are legal under FMCSA regulations but they’re only made available to drivers that operate under certain exempt categories/statuses, which the agency outlines on their website.

According to the FMCSA, “Drivers who use the short-haul, timecard exceptions are not required to keep records of duty status (RODS) or use ELDs. Additionally, the following drivers are not required to use ELDs; however, they are still bound by the RODS requirements in 49 CFR 395 and must prepare RODS when required, using paper logs, an Automatic On-Board Recording Device (AOBRD), or a logging software program:

  • Drivers who are required to keep RODS not more than 8 days within any 30-day period.
  • Drivers conducting a drive-away-tow-away operation, (an operation in which an empty or unladen motor vehicle with one or more sets of wheels on the surface of the roadway is being transported) if the vehicle being driven is the commodity being delivered, or if the vehicle being transported is a motorhome or recreational vehicle trailer.
  • Drivers of vehicles manufactured before the model year 2000.”

The short-haul exemption is the most common of the bunch and has also been recently amended by the FMCSA. The exemption chiefly applies to local drivers, who must meet the following criteria, per the FMCSA: 

  • Operate within a 150 air-mile radius of their normal work reporting location
  • Start and end the day at the same location
  • Be released from work within 12 hours
  • Have at least 10 hours off duty between each 12-hour shift
  • Not drive more than 14 hour

Because trucking businesses can function over the road and at the local level, many have the option to use e-logs in case they may require it. Unfortunately, this can lead to some misuse of the feature, leading to a variety of consequences such as penalties, fines, and even criminal charges.

On GPSTab, the e-log function is available exclusively for local drivers to track their hours of service and it can only be applied on the admin side. 

Additionally, when admin personnel attempt to apply it, they’ll receive the following message: “By switching to e-log mode, you are eliminating the ability to send ELD output file to FMCSA and or DOT officials which may result in, but not limited to, violations, fines, penalties, company placed out of service.”

If you’re a GPSTab user and need help finding out whether or not you’re exempt from using ELDs, you can call us at (888) 228-4460 or email us at [email protected].

For more information, you can also check out the FMCSA’s ELD Guidance here

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