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6 things to look for in an ELD for your small fleet

02.17.2021 - 9:25 PM Comments: 0

For your trucking company, ELDs are now mandated for staying operational. For the small fleet owner, the choices can seem overwhelming. Do you tie into a contract? Pay to install ELDs? Get a boatload of data, or just what you can use? Here’s a guide to help you know the important features that can make the job of hours of service logging and staying compliant that much easier.


Worried about driver training, paid installations, or complicated integrations? The best ELD is the one that’s easy to use. Skip the heavy fines that come with non-compliance and choose an ELD that drivers and admin can adopt quickly, without a steep learning curve and added expense.

Small fleets should put their emphasis on the data they’ll use. Because of the importance of compliance, your ELD solution should be reliable and as simple as possible, allowing drivers to plug-and-play devices, record their hours of service, and allow flexibility features with ease, while admin tracks their activity.

Customer Service

Good, reliable customer service is essential for running any business, and that’s no different for ELD providers. As their goal is to keep truckers on the road and compliant, a quick effective response is key. Knowledgeable support staff with deep knowledge of the software and hardware, can deliver more effective results, advise how to stay operational, and work out inventive solutions. 

This is why an ELD provider’s customer support team is so crucial. By being available when users need them, support teams can save your business time and money-- by getting your drivers back on the road as soon as possible. 


Being locked into an ELD contract commits you to that provider and their system. If problems arise, sooner or later, you may be legally committed to buying out the contract, incurring cancellation fees, and changing out all of your equipment. Some providers even lease equipment that needs to be returned on termination of contract, along with cables and connectors, with limited instructions.

Consequently, services that allow you to pay month-to-month with no contracts can be a massive advantage, providing you with cash liquidity, giving you the option to change systems, and ensuring that the provider is offering hardware and software that continuously performs highly and earns your business.


Some ELDs require you to have the truck in the yard and pay for professional installation, while others are “plug-and-play” by using your truck’s diagnostic port. Weigh the consideration of whether it’s worth the cost and downtime of having a pro-installed ELD. Plug-in ELDs are not only simple to install in the field, but they’re also simple to replace. 

These easy plug-in ELDs can be activated by anyone from driver to dispatch to safety with no technical training required. A few providers even allow you to buy online, without going through an entire sales process.


Some ELDs actually make flexible options more accessible. So should you need to stay up to date with updated FMCSA regulations--such as clarified adverse conditions and the new split sleeper rules--any driver can do this easily from the app to stay compliant. For more information, see the following post on HOS Flexibility.


In the trucking industry, safety is paramount. An ideal ELD provider should also provide safety products and services that are useful to your small fleet. 

Equipment like cameras, asset trackers, and telematic capabilities can play an important role in securing your fleet from theft, complying with regulations, and preventing major breakdowns while on the road. 

As the premier provider of a highly-rated ELD especially designed for small fleets, we at GPSTab would like to recommend our solution to meet your needs. 

Our ELDs are simple to use, require no professional installation, have no contract, and are backed by stellar customer service that speaks 5 languages. Better yet, they’re created by our founders who came from the trucking business and know what small fleets need to be profitable and grow. Schedule a consultation with our sales staff to learn more about the advantages of GPSTab and how quickly we can provide you with a solution for your fleet.

GPSTab is dedicated to providing simple, easy-to-use solutions for drivers and backend management with clear, uncomplicated reporting and tracking, designed by leaders who grew up in the trucking industry and know what drivers need.

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