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Top 5 trucking YouTubers to watch in 2021

12.23.2020 - 9:00 AM Comments: 0

Since its inception in 2005, YouTube has become a platform not just for entertainment, but for education and learning. 

As a rookie trucker, finding resources to be successful in the industry can be difficult, especially if you don’t have any pre-established connections in the industry. This is where YouTube can become a crucial source of information and knowledge, as many experienced drivers with differing situations can help new drivers navigate the difficulties of trucking. 

With a sizable contingent of trucker YouTubers providing tips, tricks, and quality entertainment, they can be a valuable asset for up and coming truckers.

With such varying experiences—from hotshot trucking to team driving to all kinds of trucking variations—drivers on the platform cover nearly every inch of the industry. By being exposed to the diversity of the industry, fellow truckers watching along can improve their decision-making when it comes to their career, in turn helping their overall experience in trucking. 

Among the various personalities on the platform, all differing in channel size, we’ve compiled a list of five trucking YouTubers that are must-watch in 2021. Their combination of industry know-how and entertainment is unparalleled, these five truckers offer a treasure trove of wisdom for fellow truckers to learn from. 

Nic and Carla

Nic and Carla are a team-driving married couple that vlog their day-to-day lives as truckers. Wanting to set out and try something adventurous, the pair decided to leave their regular lives and head out on the road in an 18-wheeler. 

Accompanied by their dog Nicky (who is voiced by one of the ladies), they live by the motto “live life for a living,” which perfectly encapsulates their vlogs. The pair give viewers a glimpse of what it’s like to work on the road with a partner, which can be valuable to someone who is considering taking the plunge. 

Their content is mostly-light hearted, portraying the trucking industry as an adventure. However, they do also provide their viewers with insights on issues in the industry, through the lens of being two women on the road. Overall, Nic and Carla’s unique experience provides viewers with a plethora of insight into what it’s like to be on the road with a partner.

Currently boasting over 29k subscribers on YouTube, their channel is one of the most popular among trucking YouTubers. Their videos not only offer quality information and a glimpse into their lives, but they also offer technical quality. Similar to any other vloggers on YouTube, their camera quality is exquisite and their editing skills are also on full display. 

Yet another reason why their content is especially unique is that they not only attract fellow truckers, but they’ve also garnered an audience of non-truckers. This allows them to provide valuable insight for folks who have no experience with the trucking industry, which shows them some of the issues that truckers have to deal with on a daily basis.

Tow Piglet

As a hotshot trucker and long-time YouTuber, Tow Piglet provides in-depth knowledge and wisdom on all things hotshot trucking and has built himself a strong following within the niche. 

With a whopping 105k subscribers, he’s officially become the biggest hotshot trucking channel on the platform and is also one of the biggest channels in trucking overall. 

Tow Piglet’s content is extremely diverse, as he covers a variety of topics through his videos. In his vlogs, he shows viewers the day-to-day ups and downs of being a hotshot trucker. Whether it’s showing people how successful his week was or showing his multiple breakdowns in a month, he’s open about everything that comes with being a trucker. In addition to his vlogs, he also provides frequent tips and tricks which include how to find loads, how to make money as a hotshot trucker, and even videos that break down laws and regulations.

He also does frequent reviews on various things such as trucks, trailers, and other equipment. Lastly, he also provides hotshot trucking news in a segment he calls the Hotshot News Network. In these segments, he looks at the content of fellow hotshot truckers and provides his audience with information affecting the hotshot community as a whole.

While his content is comprehensive and covers nearly all aspects of hotshot trucking, if not all, his general demeanor and attitude in his videos also make his content seem genuine and welcoming, especially for rookie drivers that need a little help.

Because of his experiences, which he discusses in an abundance of videos, he has special insight on topics such as how to get started or be successful in the hotshot trucking circuit. 

Trucker Brown

Looking out into the full scope of the trucking industry, look no further than Trucker Brown to get you through the day. A well-known ranter, Trucker Brown is the go-to source for seeing some of the realities of the industry.

Boasting a staggering 82k subscribers, the veteran driver uses his experience to provide industry newcomers with valuable wisdom and information. Any question you have, it’s likely that Trucker Brown has a video for it, honestly. 

One of his main focuses, however, is how to make money in the trucking industry. As an experienced driver, he provides rookie drivers with an in-depth analysis of how to handle trucking professionally and make sure you’re able to make the most out of it monetarily.

Another crucial part of his channel is his constant live streams. In these streams, he tends to talk about a topic of his choice, but also takes questions from his viewers.

While he can be blunt with his answers, he also provides solid advice for truckers, bracing them for what they should be expecting from the trucking industry. Mixed in with a great sense of humor, his content is one of the most entertaining amongst trucking YouTubers. 

Through his live streams, he’s built himself a solid community of fellow drivers, as they communicate via his chats and interact with him as he records. 

The most appealing factor of his channel may very well be the realness of it all, though. He doesn’t just show you the good times, he also shows you the hardships. Whether it’s him handling a truck breakdown or dealing with being placed out-of-service or even quitting his job, he’s not afraid to show folks the issues that truckers deal with. 

The Crafty Trucker

This YouTube channel, similar to Nic and Carla, follows a trucker couple throughout their adventures as expediters. The couple, Heather and Jason, are very genuine and similar to the others on this list, providing their viewers with all sorts of content. 

From lighthearted vlogs that are highlighted by their happy-go-lucky attitudes to informational videos on what it's like to be a trucker, their channel provides a variety of content for folks to enjoy.

Their truck is all decked out and has one of the more unique-looking interiors. Additionally, the quality of their videos is also impressive, as they include beautiful scenery shots throughout their videos.

Along with great use of editing, it isn’t hard to see why they’ve garnered over 45k subscribers. Following the motto of Peace, Love, and Expediting, the couple’s cheerful attitude and high-quality recording and editing make sure quite a pleasurable experience.

Jay Rich Live

Jay Rich is a successful trucker who has managed to work her way up from leased driver to owning her own trucking company. 

Her content is similar to many others on this list, providing informational videos that allow up-and-coming drivers to learn about the ins and outs of the trucking industry. In addition to her industry insight, she also has a great sense of humor that makes her content unique.

She currently has an audience of over 22k subscribers and consistently receives thousands of views.

From covering topics about home time to making money in the industry to sexism in the industry, her wide array of knowledge as a successful entrepreneur is useful for anyone looking to make a living in trucking.

Similar to Trucker Brown, Jay Rich also does frequent live streams, where she provides watchers with entertainment, industry know-how, and answers questions she gets from the chat. 

Overall, her content is worth a watch, and her work ethic, knowledge, and charisma are on full display throughout every video. 

So, what trucking YouTubers do you watch? Let us know in the comments or on social media!

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