RECAP: GPSTab at the NASCAR Xfinity Series

UTECH was honored to prominently display GPSTab branding on car No. 47 and truck No. 00 at the NASCAR Xfinity & Truck Series. We’d like to thank Mike Harmon Racing and Reaume Brothers Racing for the opportunity to feature on their vehicles at the Kansas Speedway. 

Josh Reaume was behind the wheel of both vehicles, making his 34th and 49th appearance in the Xfinity and Truck Series, respectively. 

In the Xfinity Series, Reaume started at 36th, and after completing a grueling 101 laps, he finished at 33rd, improving three positions. Additionally, in the Truck Series, he improved two positions, starting at 29th and finishing 27th. 

With this being UTECH’s second time featuring GPSTab in a NASCAR event, the company was happy to get the opportunity once again. UTECH was especially excited to feature in the Xfinity Series for the first time, as it is widely known as a proving ground for the next generation of great racers. 

Being able to feature GPSTab on such a world-class event was truly a pleasure and UTECH is excited to see what’s to come next.

GPSTab is a comprehensive suite of tools to manage a trucking operation of any size. Developed by Chicago-based UTECH Inc., the solution allows carriers to leverage accurate and relevant data to improve safety and efficiency throughout their fleet. 

With a wide range of solutions such as an ELD, cameras, trackers, and its innovative Dispatch Board, GPSTab keeps drivers on the road and companies profitable.

If you’d like to learn more about GPSTab, you can visit our website here.

For the NASCAR fans, we’re working on those Hero Cards! We’ll have more details on that coming soon!