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Trucking Music Review: “Giddy-Up Go”

01.31.2020 - 12:34 PM Comments: 0

Welcome back to the Trucking Music Review! If you’re not familiar with this series, it’s where we review truck-driving country music.

This week, we’ll be reviewing “Giddy-Up Go,” by Red Sovine. Sovine was an American country singer/songwriter and had multiple songs that topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. 

Sovine was also particularly fond of making music through spoken word, which is what he does in this song. “Giddy-Up Go” is probably his most well-known and beloved song, as it pulls at the heartstrings for about 4 minutes straight. 

Throughout the song, Sovine tells a profound story about a man who is reunited with his child through the naming of their trucks.

The song begins with Sovine telling us about how the man’s truck was named by his son. With the little words the son knew, he was able to muster up “Giddyup Go, daddy,” when the man first showed his truck to his family. From there on out, the man had his truck name. 

Sovine then explains how the man spent so much time on the road, that one day when he returned, his entire family was gone. 

After a few years past, he was driving down Route 66, and a brand new diesel truck pulled up alongside the man. As the truck drove passed him, he noticed a familiar sign on the truck: “Giddy-Up Go.”

Filled with emotion, the man chased the truck to the nearest stop sign, where he buys his fellow trucker a coffee. There, the man finds out his comrade had named his truck “Giddy-Up Go” in honor of his father. The man then reveals that he is the other man’s father and this is where the waterworks start to flow!

The story is beautifully told by Sovine, who adds a real and believable emotional tone to the song. His storytelling is top-notch and the slow instrumentals in the background add great value to the song as a whole. 

Recitation songs tend to be emotionally charged, but even considering that, the song caught me by surprise. As the song rolls on to the tail-end, Sovine does a fantastic job getting a reaction out of his listeners as he begins to sound like he’s going to cry. 

While not musically advanced in any way, the simplicity of the song only adds to the emotional rollercoaster of the story. Additionally, the storytelling is impeccable, however, there’s a bit of a plothole I found to be problematic.

Where did the wife go? Like, okay she died. But why did they leave? Why didn’t anybody know or want to tell the man what happened? Did he even periodically call them? I can’t imagine his wife left for no reason. 

Also, did they not have neighbors? Were they just isolated from everybody else? I’m just expected to believe that NOBODY knew what happened or where the wife and kid could have gone? 

And why didn’t he report them missing or something? Was he not worried that something happened? He really just accepted that they were gone and got back in the truck and left. That's gnarly.

Anyways, I’m sure there’s some lesson to be learned here. Please call your significant other and your child once in a while so they don’t up and leave one day, which then leads to a surprising reunion with your trucker offspring who casually has the same truck name as you. That sounds about right. 

Well, besides that weird plothole, the song is very good. I’ll give it an 8/10. 

So what do you think about the song? Let us know in the comments or on social media!

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