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Why trucking YouTubers are so valuable to the industry

11.7.2019 - 12:15 PM Comments: 0

What do you do when you’re a rookie driver with little to no connections in the trucking industry? 

Well, you can turn to YouTube.

Need to find out how to attach to a trailer for the first time? Look it up on Youtube. Want to know how the latest hours of service proposal can affect you? Look it up on Youtube. Want to see what kind of loads you should be taking? You get the point. 

YouTube is a valuable asset for up and coming truckers, as there is a sizeable contingent that provides truckers with tips, tricks, and some quality entertainment. 

Trucking Youtubers such as Tow Piglet, Trucker Brown, Nic and Carla, and many others, can provide drivers with insight into the trucking industry. With such varying experiences and viewpoints, truck drivers have a treasure trove of options to learn from. 

In the case of the aforementioned truckers, they all have completely different experiences in the industry that allows watchers to understand the diversity of the trucking industry

Tow Piglet is a young hotshot trucker, which makes his experiences different than many others currently on YouTube. His videos provide information that is exclusive to hotshot trucking, where he has carved out a strong niche for himself. 

Currently boasting 34.3k subscribers, he’s officially become the biggest hotshot trucking channel on the platform. His content is made up of a variety of topics but is mostly made up of tips, vlogs, and news.

His happy-go-lucky attitude makes his content welcoming, but his wisdom is likely the most appealing factor of his channel. Because of his experiences, which he discusses in an abundance of videos, he has special insight on topics such as how to get started or be successful in the hotshot trucking circuit. 

Looking out into the full scope of the trucking industry, look no further than Trucker Brown to get you through the day. A well-known ranter, Trucker Brown is the go-to source for seeing the realities of the industry.

With a whopping 68.2k subscribers, the veteran driver uses his experience to provide industry newcomers with valuable wisdom and information. Any question you have, it’s likely that Trucker Brown has a video for it, honestly. 

A crucial part of his channel is his constant live streams. In these streams, he tends to rant about a topic of his choice, but also takes questions from his viewers.

While he can be blunt with his answers, he also provides solid advice for truckers, bracing them for what they should be expecting from the trucking industry. Mixed in with a great sense of humor, his content is one of the most entertaining amongst trucking YouTubers. 

The most appealing factor of his channel may very well be the realness of it all, though. He doesn’t just show you the good times, he also shows you the hardships. Whether it’s him handling a truck breakdown or dealing with being placed out-of-service, he’s a reliable source for seeing the realities of the trucking industry.

And then, there’s Nic and Carla, a team-driving married couple that vlogs their day-to-day lives as truckers. Nic and Carla’s content is much more wholesome than the others and portrays the trucking industry in a much more colorful way. 

Accompanied by their dog Nicky (who is voiced by one of the ladies), they live by the motto “live life for a living,” which perfectly encapsulates their vlogs. The pair give viewers a glimpse of what it’s like to work on the road with a partner, which can be valuable to someone who is considering taking the plunge. 

Nic and Carla’s bubbly personalities, along with their commitment to sharing so much about their lives, make their videos extremely genuine and entertaining, whilst still being as informative as other YouTubers. 

Without people to guide you through the difficulties of the trucking industry, it’s hard to be successful. Being able to watch fellow truckers and learn from their experiences, can provide a ton of value to inexperienced truckers especially.

Even if you’re a veteran trucker, having a community to be a part of online can also go a long way for you. It can get lonely on the road, so watching others that are going through similar things as you can also help get you through the day. Or at the very least, provide you with solid entertainment value. 

Whether you’re someone in the business or thinking about starting a career in trucking, there’s a diverse community of YouTubers you can watch and learn from. So, what are some of your favorites to watch? Let us know in the comments or on social media!

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