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Why You Should Always Track Your Assets (and How to Do it)

07.18.2019 - 12:06 PM Comments: 0

Freight crimes is a common problem in the truck driving world, especially when it comes to cargo theft. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, cargo theft costs the industry between 15 and 30 billion dollars each year. 

Furthermore, the rate of crimes is actually increasing. This is because cargo thieves have changed their tactics and place a lot of effort on regional crimes and have used technology for their advantage. As the world becomes more technological and uses it to solve common problems, so is the seedy underbelly of the crime world. For example, in 2015, crooks accessed the internet to steal millions of dollars’ worth of tree nuts from California. In 2016, Dallas, TX became a hotspot for cargo theft, where numerous cargo theft crimes took place. Criminals use the internet, hacking, and drones in order to divert trucks and steal cargo. 

Criminals have also diverted their thievery to food, since food can’t be tracked, unlike high-value items like televisions and computers. This is why asset tracking has become an absolute must for truck driving companies everywhere. The general rule is that if you have something that could be moved, then you should track it. 

So, what does a good asset tracker look like? Here are some tips below to help you find the right tracker for you: 

  • It has real-time tracking: Real-time tracking will give you updates on your asset’s location and status as it’s happening, while historical tracking gives you a complete history of all the tracking sessions recorded over time. The GPSTab helps you to locate tracked assets and employees, lets you know how your operations are doing, and analyzes performance data to help you optimize efficiency.
  • It has geofencing capabilities: Using the GPSTab’s tracking software, you can create a digital “fence” around your cargo. If an unidentified person or cargo passes the fence, an alert will be sent to you to ensure your employees’ safety and cargo’s security. 
  • You have a fleet tracking system in place: It’s not enough to just track your assets. By installing GPS trackers on your trucks, fleet managers will always know where their drivers and vehicles are so that you will know exactly what you need to do in case of an emergency. Besides protecting fleets from crime, fleet tracking also enables you to view delays, detours, and other important information in real-time, so you can decrease travel time and increase efficiency, which is a win for all. 
  • You have the right amount of data resolution that meets your needs: If you run a company of just one or two trucks, then an asset tracker that generates just one location per day will be enough for you. However, if you run a full fleet with more truckers than you can count, then investing in a tracker that reports location information every five minutes will be worth the investment for you. 
  • Your asset tracker can fool even the most seasoned of criminals: As asset tracking technology evolves, so do the criminals who do the stealing. The first thing that many cargo thieves do when they get their hands on a truck is looking for asset trackers in normal areas such as on top of or under the trailer in order to cut the wires. However, good asset trackers such as the GPSTab offers wireless trackers that are impossible to find.

Your asset tracking integrates with other technology: Asset tracking is just one part of the telematics pie if you want to upgrade your trucking game. The GPSTab allows integration with other capabilities to make sure that your business is always running at its most efficient and effective level, including document scanning and printing, ELD tracking, dash cams, and of course, asset tracking. 

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