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The Yearly 72-hour Road-check Inspection Starts Today!

06.4.2019 - 6:49 PM Comments: 0

On the 4th to the 6th of June, the yearly International Road-check will take place focusing on suspension and steering systems. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance organizes the event, and the organization says suspension and steering are essential for every commercial vehicle. The CVSA President – Chief Jay Thompson and the Arkansas Highway Police stated that “suspension and steering don’t just support the heavy loads on buses and trucks; they also assist in maintaining control and stability under braking and acceleration, ensuring these vehicle’s safety on the road. Also, they maintain the alignment of tires, lowering the chances of irregular tire wear which may lead to tire failure, and they take advantage of the tire’s contact on the road, offering proper handling and steady steering.”

During the 3-day bombardment, inspectors will conduct the first level inspection on several rigs. The first level inspections are the most detailed focusing on the assessment of the driver’s conformity as well as vehicle-related infringements.

These inspections will consist of brake checks, lights, securement of cargo, suspension, steering, tires, etc. Furthermore, drivers will need to supply their Medical Examiner’s Certificates, CDLs, and logs. If the vehicle passes this inspection, a CVSA decal that shows that they didn’t find any violation will be given to the driver/owner.
During the Road-check bombardment, the CVSA reports that an estimation of 17 buses and trucks are inspected per minute (on average). During last year’s inspection, about 12,000 buses and trucks were sidelined, and over 2,600 drivers got issued with the “out-of-service” order. In the 2018 Road-check, the top three out-of-service infringements issued were; tires and wheels, brakes, and brake adjustments; while incorrect class license, hours of service and fake logs were the top driver’s out-of-service infringements.

To make sure your ELD is a complaint, check out the ELD FAQs.

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