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Trucking Preparedness: Equipment Safety Beyond the Roadcheck

05.23.2019 - 11:03 PM Comments: 0

A whopping 24% of respondents to a recent Overdrive poll said they planned to take vacation from June 4 to 6 to avoid being caught in the CVSA’s yearly road check blitz. While truckers are some of the hardest working folks around and deserve a good vacation, it’s also worth reminding the industry that road checks aren’t just a yearly occurrence – the CVSA states they conduct checks year-round. In fact, a total of 4 million CVSA inspections are conducted across North America every year.

This means that keeping your equipment and logs maintained is a year-round job for truckers who want to stay safe and avoid costly fines or violations. With proper preparation and awareness, there’s no need to fear any CVSA road check because you’ll have all documents and equipment in compliance already.

Inspect, Inspect, Inspect

There’s immense value in the pre-trip inspection. We walked new truckers through the pre-trip inspection in our Advice to New Truckers article, but even the most experienced driver should check their rig before hitting the road each day. Walk around your truck, check all tires, and ensure all meters are in working order. Every few days or so get under the hood or under the body of the trailer to ensure things like mud flaps or taillights haven’t fallen off or broken since you last inspected.

Stay ELD-Compliant

Some truckers may also fear the CVSA inspection because of the ELD mandate – no ELD/AOBRD or improperly maintained logbooks could lead to an out of service order. With a good ELD provider, such as GPSTab, you’ll be able to maintain accurate, in-compliance logs with an easy-to-understand app interface and 24/7 customer service. It’s also always good to carry a week’s worth of paper logs in your cab in the rare case an ELD error can’t be fixed immediately.

Making preventative maintenance a habit and using the right ELD won’t just save you from fines and out of service violations – it’s good, responsible business that keeps your costs down and your reputation up.

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