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Thank You Truckers

11.22.2018 - 7:29 AM Comments: 0

It’s that busy time of the year when everyone’s got a ton of shopping to do. But, imagine going to the grocery store and none of the shelves are stocked with food. Heading out to buy a specific TV, but the store you visited doesn’t carry any of the latest models. Your favorite clothing store is out of your jeans size and no one knows when a new shipment is coming in. This is what our lives would look like if the world didn’t have truck drivers delivering freight all over the world.

Trucking is more than just a job, it's a demanding lifestyle choice. Drivers deliver everything from produce and frozen foods, to electronics and clothing articles of every size. Retail store shelves would be completely empty if a trucker wasn’t around to deliver inventory. The ongoing dedication and commitment of local, regional, and long-haul truckers allow consumers to purchase the items they want and need, on demand.

Truck drivers don't work a typical nine-to-five job. They usually don't make it to their homes for a family dinner, but instead, spend weeks out on the road picking up shipments and delivering them to where they need to go. During a truck driver’s time away from home, they might miss birthdays, holidays, and other meaningful events to deliver freight to businesses worldwide.

The lifestyle of a long-haul trucker can be exhausting. Truckers sit for long periods of time during their hours of service as they push through hundreds of miles a day to make their delivery times before they take their 10-hour break. Even when they’re not driving, they are still working. During their off times, they're usually sleeping, eating, or planning the route of their next drive. They sometimes drive through harsh weather conditions to drop off loads to locations just hit by a natural disaster or important medical supplies to hospitals. Truckers keep industries churning, factories producing, and shops selling by delivering necessary materials that keep businesses thriving and the overall economy strong.

Truckers are a dependable, committed, and tenacious workforce that deserve our thanks. While most of us end our jobs around 5pm, there’s a truck driver making sure that retail orders are fulfilled and delivered on time. The world would be a very different place without truckers.

Thank you truckers for everything you all do!

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